The Best Badminton Sets for 2020 Reviews

Badminton is recreational fun for all ages or for the whole family, whether competitive or simply for pleasure and amusement. It's a little lighter duty than tennis, and a practical way to exercise racket skills, especially if you make a point to play with quality badminton equipment.

It's a game that can provide fun on camping trips, while tailgating, at family barbecues or company picnics, or simply for some backyard entertainment. Having a badminton set, especially one that includes a net, means that you are ready to set up a game anytime, anywhere.

The best badminton sets should at least include a shuttlecock ("the ball") and two well-built rackets. They may or may not include the net, and some sets include other accessories, or rackets of different sizes or with different features.

Our Top Rated Badminton Sets for 2020

#1st Rated
Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set


#2nd Rated
EastPoint Sports 2 Player Badminton Racket Set


#3rd Rated
Forevive Children's Badminton Racket Badminton Set



In addition to a volleyball and a ball pump, the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set includes four tournament-calibre badminton racquets, three nylon shuttlecocks, a regulation size badminton net with all the necessary hardware, and a well-made, water-resistant carrying case with convenient shoulder straps. These items make this set suitable for players at all levels in any setting.


This set is great for portability as well as ease of storage, and when you want to use it, it's no hassle to set up and take down. The size-adjustable poles (for transitioning between badminton and volleyball) made of aluminium that is lightweight and easy to handle. The net poles are also built to last with a weather-resistant powder coating.

The attractive red accents and boundary lines are eye-catching and simplify the job of refereeing calls during the game.

This set is a winner with its heavy-duty yet lightweight construction, its two-for-one badminton and volleyball versatility, and its ease of portability, storage, set up, and take down.


This set is great for two players at any level of play. It's no-frills, containing only two racquets and two shuttlecocks, but East Point Sports is a reliable brand that delivers both quality and good value. This set includes two 26" badminton rackets, one red and one blue so that if you have two sets you can play with team colours.


These high-quality badminton rackets have tempered steel shafts and string grommets, so they will last even if game play gets intense. They are also sleek for your sense of style and have ergonomic soft-grip handles for your comfort. Additionally, this set comes with two shuttlecocks with bright red tips for great visibility, and a handled plastic carry bag that makes the whole set easy to pack or store.

Though this well-constructed set is simple and geared toward casual play, it covers the bases and is very affordable.


Some sets are for pros, and some are toys for children; this set is the latter. The Forevive Children's badminton racket toy has high-elastic net wire, which is strong, but also smooth and gentle to the touch. Each racquet is 17.3 inches long.


The set includes a quality carry bag for storing and travelling with your pair of badminton rackets, four shuttlecocks, one ball a scorpion birdie. It comes in vibrant colours: orange, blue, green, or pink. Forevive also promises excellent customer service, offering 24-hour assistance over email.

The Forevive Children's badminton set is designed to prove fun, exercise, and parent-child interaction and it would make a great gift for any child between the ages of three and ten.


It can help improve skills like hand-eye coordination and reaction time. For comfort and safety, there is a soft-grip non-slip handle that is small, light, and easy to maneuver.


This nifty set offers three different games for your enjoyment. The increasingly popular and publicly available pickle-ball; quick tennis; and of course, badminton. The net is twenty feet wide and built for durability and against snags. It includes settings for thirty-six, forty-eight, and sixty-one inches, to accommodate each game, thanks to its portable, easy to assemble, weather-resistant, adjustable powder-coated steel poles.


Lifetime brand seems to understand the lines where recreation, fun, and storage needs intersect and have developed this maximally versatile set. It comes with two bags to store or travel with everything you need to accommodate badminton as well as pickle-ball or quick tennis, and it also includes every item required to play each of these three games. This set includes four wooden paddle-style racquets, two pickle-ball, two quick tennis balls, and two shuttlecocks.

With this set, you are equipped for the game of your choice for up to four players at any time. The stability of the net can be increased by filling the base with water or sand. It's not an inexpensive set, but Lifetime does offer a one-year warranty.


This is another toy set, for children. If you are looking for a casual introduction to racquet sports for your kids, Liberty Imports offers a great starting place. The risk of accident or injury is low, the colors are bright, and they can choose between practicing with a two-inch ball and a shuttlecock. The two racquets are sixteen inches long, very light, and attractively style in eye-catching pink, blue, and neon green. The set is suitable for preschool-aged children and up.


These toys are so light-duty and user-friendly, you might even let the children use them indoors. It's great hand-eye coordination training, and you can play together with your children since the grip shape on the handles is suitable to a wide range of hand sizes.

It's an affordable investment in keeping kids active. If you are looking for the best badminton set to give a young child, this would make a great birthday or holiday gift for a young person in your life. The mesh stringed hitting area makes a generous target, to encourage little ones' success.


This set is the ultimate in quality and extra features, and one of the very best badminton sets out there for individuals ready to play at a highly competitive level. Park & Sun Sports labels this set as a "system" and calls it part of their "professional series." It includes four aluminum badminton rackets, so that you are ready for singles or doubles to play; telescopic, three-piece aluminum poles with push-button pole locking for sturdy and convenient net set-up; and three A-grade nylon shuttlecocks with genuine cork tips.


Also included is a durable, polyester equipment carry bag with a zipper opening and heavy-duty carrying handles, ready to neatly contain the entire set and make it easy for you to set up a badminton tournament anywhere you might want to go. Of course, a carry bag also makes a great storage bag, to keep all your equipment conveniently in once place.


The nylon blend net is durable, snag-resistant, and regulation size at twenty-one feet across and thirty inches high. The inch-wide tapes at the top and bottom have reinforced corners and side sleeves to achieve optimal net tension.

There are also double rigging's with eye rings to adjust the tension to make certain that the net stays taut. The high standard of this set comes with a higher-end price point, but if you are looking for the best, you probably don't mind paying for quality and top of the line design features.


If you are looking for solid construction, but also hoping to keep things simple, this set includes two attractive, well-made carbon fibre racquets, and three nylon shuttlecocks with high visibility neon yellow skirts and natural cork heads. It also comes with a zippered, 420D polyester carry bag with shoulder strap.


RiteTrak Sports has made this set for pros on the go. It doesn't include an abundance of equipment, and so the price is very reasonable for the racquet and shuttlecock quality. These shuttlecocks come in their own plastic case to ensure that they don't arrive crushed, which would compromise their aerodynamics.

The racquets are of a solid, single-piece design that makes the junction between the shaft and the racket headstrong and sleek. They are lightweight at only ninety grams. They are tight-stringed and feature an embossed PVC grip tape. The racquets also come in your choice of colours: orange and black or red, white, and blue. This is not an entry-level set.


The Senston 2 Player Graphite Racket Set is built to impress pro players. The set includes two shuttlecocks, two rackets, and two over grips so that you can adjust the handle size up from G4. While you have a choice of three stylish racket colours, red/blue, red/yellow, or red/white colours, the spare grips come in randomised colours.


The racket design is one-piece with a built-in T-joint. This design helps minimise vibrations and makes each hit to the shuttlecock more efficient, helping to increase shuttlecock velocity. The racket shafts are made of flexible graphite with carbon-aluminium composite frames. They are lightweight at ninety grams. The set also includes a convenient two-racket carry bag with a shoulder strap for easy portability and storage.

Within the ISO frame design, is a generous batting area, so that you can more consistently hit that sweet spot. If you are looking to achieve agility and speed on the badminton court, the Senston 2 Player Graphite Racket Set is an excellent choice.


Speedminton is an inventive badminton variation that does not require a net. It's a great way to introduce the game, and it's suitable for beginners and family fun. Speedminton is its own brand. Without the need for a court and a net.


The set features two German-made shuttlecocks: one FUN-speeder, which weighs more and is a little smaller than a traditional shuttlecock so it travels far and well in variable weather conditions; and a patented HELI-speeder, with skirt flare feature. These shuttlecocks come in fun, bright colours and are constructed from recyclable high-tech materials from Switzerland.


This unique game is fast-paced, but still easy for beginners to pick up—and the body movement it requires promises to burn a few extra calories. There are two speed lights that come with each set so that Speedminton can be played at night, too. The speed lights work like glow sticks and last for up to three hours of fun.

The set is reasonably priced and easy to pack along for playtime at the beach or the park. Some consumers report enjoying it as a pool game.


If you like the idea of lit shuttlecocks, this set from Trained has your number. This versatile set comes with five LED shuttlecocks, ready to light up the night. The shuttlecocks are protected in their own carry box. To beat that, if you're not as enamoured with this fanciful set as you think you will be, the company offers a money-back guarantee.


The Trained Premium Quality Racket Set comes with two twenty-six-inch iron alloy rackets, suitable for all skill levels, casual or tournament play, and play among all ages. They are pre-strung by the manufacturer, lightweight, and built to last. This set is very gift-able, gender-neutral, and a fine way to introduce badminton to someone you love.

For your convenience, in addition to the two rackets and five shuttlecocks, this set includes a plastic carrying bag. The LEDs do blink on and off, which some consumers found undesirable.

However, the whole thing is reasonably priced, and with the offer of a full refund from Trained if this set does not work well for you, you might just decide it's worth a try.


The Yonex Badminton Combo set is the only one on this list that offers two badminton rackets, each with its own individual carry case with shoulder strap. This feature makes this set well suited for couples who may play together sometimes, but other times may want to play with others and bring their own racket.


This set is great for recreational players, beginner or intermediate, who may want to get in on pick-up games or got play badminton on their local tennis court. No shuttlecocks are included, but each racket has a lightweight aluminium frame with a steel shaft and comes in your choice of five colours: black; yellow; silver; silver-blue; and black-yellow.

Each carrying case is sleek, durable, and ready for travel or handy storage. The rackets are tightly strung, and consumers say they feel is good for the reasonable price tag.

Choosing The Best Badminton Sets - The Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you thinking you need this kind of fun in your life? Hopefully, once you read this post, your knowledge of what's out there will be strong enough to set you in the right direction toward choosing the best badminton set for your personal badminton aspirations. The list of eleven different types of badminton games sets below is alphabetised for your convenient reference.

Why Play Badminton

If you haven't tried it already, badminton is fun. Also, like other forms of physical activity, badminton promotes mind and body fitness by alleviating stress, lowering anxiety, and giving your system a dose of those feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins. These chemical changes have been shown to enhance mood and help create better sleep patterns.

Badminton is a low-cost sport to pursue because it doesn't require a lot of specialised equipment, nor even a specialised location for play. As you have seen from this list, there is quite a range in sets, and if you follow up and price check any of these sets online, you will see that while "toy" versions can be very inexpensive, even top of the line rackets and shuttlecocks with natural cork or sets that include a net and extras are relatively affordable.

Being a game for two or four players, badminton is social. As a hobby or a pick-up game, it can be a great way to meet new friends or to get old ones together. It's even very possible to quickly and easily introduce someone to the game who has never played before because the rules are simple and accessible.

Badminton is a great fitness pursuit for all ages and all levels, and it helps all players to build their reflexes and endurance. It can be a toy or a backyard pastime, but with practice, it can be a low impact yet physically demanding sport with the cardiovascular benefits of any other cardio exercise.


It can be a great intro to tennis because it uses similar muscle groups and form. It gets you moving and breathing, which is great for keeping limber and improving lung function and blood flow.

If you've found you way to this list, maybe you were already convinced, but either way, here's hoping you leaned something, and happy shopping.

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