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It is not cheap to launch, run, maintain and update a website like PlaidFriday. To fund the free content you will find here, we have entered into a number of mutually productive affiliate agreements with companies that manufacture and distribute products, services, accessories and aids within the retail industry. We have also voluntarily opted in to join in affiliate relationships with online retail companies such as Amazon.

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To be fully clear, if at any point you decide to visit any of our affiliate or CPC partners to make a purchase, then will receive a small commission payment from your purchase.

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We have instituted the following additional measures to safeguard the accuracy, objectivity and unbiased nature of the products we review here on

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Our writers and editors ensure all product data provided here at is up-to-date, accurate, factual and detailed. To do this, it may be necessary from time to time to contact company representatives for such information as product warranty, pricing, measurements, materials, composition, recommended uses and other important information. This data in no way influences our in-house product rating system but merely adds extra value for the reader.

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