The 15 Best Badminton Racquet in 2020 Reviews

​It is important to purchase the perfect racquet that will perform well on the court. Competition is heavy. The right badminton racquet will give you an edge over your competition. Every player is unique.

You will want to purchase a racquet that feels great in your hands and that doesn’t put any stress on your forearms. At the same time, you want an affordable racquet that will produce swing power, lift, and speed. These are the top 15 badminton racquets available on the market in prices ranging from $80 to $1000.

Our Top Rated Badminton Racquet for 2020

#1st Rated
Yonex Arcsaber 10

Yonex ArcSaber 10

#2nd Rated
Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racquet

Yonex ArcSaber 11

#3rd Rated
Yonex Nanoray 10 Badminton Racket

Yonex NanoRay 10

1. Yonex ArcSaber 10 - Top Pick for 2020

​The Yonex ArcSaber 10 is the ultimate weapon for advanced players. It has the latest technology to help the user achieve speed, power, and powerhouse control.

The Yonex ArcSaber 10 uses the technology of Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube to promote a cohesive mixture of power and control. The sides of the racket extract energy from the shuttle to provide the player with an extra boost of feeling during play.

The extracted energy is utilized in a return of strength with deadly accuracy. World champions like Taufik Hidayat, have won the US Open using the Yonex ArcSaber 10.


  • Necessitates great control and maneuverability. 
  • Gives the player a strong feeling.
  • Has pinpoint accuracy.
  • It is highly shock absorbent.


  • The racket is very expensive.
  • Smashing power is weak.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.
  • The racket is extremely lightweight.

2. Yonex ArcSaber 11

​In many aspects, the Yonex ArcSaber 11 is an improvement on the Yonex ArcSaber 10 model. It is a well-rounded racket that delivers superior control and strong feeling. It is an excellent choice to use mid-court. The ArcSaber 10 is very comfortable in the hands, and it is easy on the forearms.

The frame is engineered with Neo CS Carbon Nanotube technology. This gives the frame extra elasticity to keep the shuttle on the string bed longer for greater control during play. The ArcSaber 11 stores and releases energy. It is highly flexible at the point of impact.The ArcSaber 11 provides the power and the speed you need to execute net shots. It is excellent for playing mid-court since the ArcSaber 11 is known for its defence and attack capabilities.

The ArcSaber 11 is designed to give you a preference against hard-hitters by turning your defence into an attack. Immediately, you will have the ability to seize the initiative.


  • Attack your opponent's smash with accuracy and speed. 
  • It can increase the shuttle speed with precision during a return smash shot.
  • It contains a large shaft that will allow you to reach difficult shots.
  • Yonex ArcSaber 11 is a very durable and well-rounded racket.


  • ArcSaber 11 lacks superior smash power.
  • The large head lacks power and tension in the sweet spot.
  • ArcSaber 11 is more of a control racket than a power racket.

3. Yonex NanoRay 10

​The Yonex NanoRay 10 is essentially created for beginning badminton players. The racquet is very lightweight and inexpensive. This is a great racquet if you are just getting started on the courts. Take control of your front, back and mid-court shots with the Yonex NanoRay 10.

Backhand shots will be hard to execute since the NanoRay 10 was not made for advanced players.The shaft on the Yonex NanoRay 10 is made of granite, nanomesh, and carbon nanotube. It has enough capabilities to keep the beginning badminton player entertained for hours.

The NanoRay 10 has a thicker head to minimize air resistance during play. You will be able to comfortably swing through your shots with force.


  • Enough power for great smashes. 
  • The racquet has fast maneuverability.
  • The best budget choice for a beginning racquet.


  • It is only for beginning players.

4. Yonex NanoRay 20

The Yonex NanoRay 20 is an affordable fast swing racquet. It is designed for the beginning and low-intermediate players. The black and red racquet is designed to give players with fast speed and sharp movement on the court.

The NanoRay 20 has enhanced tensions and repulsion capabilities because of the flexible Aero Frame.The Graphite head comes pre-strung by the manufacturer. The shaft is made of Carbon NanoTube, Graphite, and NanoMesh.

With the NanoRay 20, your defense reactions will be quick on the court. Smashes will feel great and your net shots will be acceptable for the price of the racquet. If you desire decent performance, the Yonex NanoRay 20 will work great for your on-court needs.


  • Great Power.
  • Excellent Tension.
  • Very fast for the size.


  • Not recommended for experienced players.

5. NanoRay 900

​The high-quality NanoRay 900 is the preferred racquet for the top badminton players in the world like Saina Nehwal of India and men’s double champions, Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan of Indonesia. The NanoRay 900 delivers rapid, angle-deep smashes and drop shots.It is a heavier racquet with a stronger and stiffer head.

The head frame suppresses the shuttlecock’s angle after impact. Subsequently, the shuttlecock won’t go towards an upward direction. The price is mid-range for the navy-blue badminton racquet. With cutting-edge nanoscience material, the racquet flexes during swing action to contain the shuttlecock during impact.

The frame is very stiff in the upper and lower midsections. This delivers a fast-downward trajectory for the shuttlecock during the game. The advanced player will have the satisfaction of making powerful and steeper angle smashes to win the game on the court.

The frame is very stiff in the upper and lower midsections. This delivers a fast-downward trajectory for the shuttlecock during the game. The advanced player will have the satisfaction of making powerful and steeper angle smashes to win the game on the court.


  • It is a great choice for players with a defensive-style game. 
  • The racquet has smooth swings.
  • One of the very best repulsion racquets on the market.
  • Great manoeuvrability and return ability for shots.


  • It is not recommended for beginning players.
  • The price is over $200.

6. Yonex NanoRay Z Speed

The NanoRay Z Speed has rapid swing power with enhanced repulsion designed to deliver through its stiff head. The racquet is designed for the badminton player who likes to push his opponent to the back of the court with fast speed.

The yellow racquet weighs 88 pounds and it is very stiff. Carolina Marin, the world number one, uses this racquet. The frame is much thinner in the middle of the racquet head. The EX-HMG is the most powerful and flexible material ever used on a stiff frame. It gives extra power for smashes.

The grommet pattern runs vertically through the string bed. Because of this, the sweet spot is more flexible and large. With the NanoRay Z Speed, Tan Boon Heong broke the world record at 306 miles per hour.

This racquet would be great for an advanced player who prefers a lightweight racquet with a smaller head that delivers great smash power. The technologies that the NanoRay Z Speed uses are snapback zone, vertical-a-concept, and sonic metal.


  • Great Drop Shots. 
  • Great head acceleration.
  • Resistant-free clears.
  • Powerful smashes.


  • Not for beginner players.
  • The racquet is expensive.
  • It can miss shots due to the smaller head.

7. Yonex NanoSpeed 9900

The NanoSpeed 9900 is a lightning-fast racquet. It has a strong handle for an easier grip; the NanoSpeed 9900 feels great in the hand, and it is easier on the arm. You will experience smooth speeds with deadly swing power.

For performance, defensive-style players will enjoy strong backhand defense for drives and smashes. The NanoSpeed 9900 is ultra-lightweight, strong, and stable racquet.

The shaft is extra stiff and made out of H.M. Graphite and Fullerene. The NanoSpeed 9900 is designed for players who want fast movement and manoeuvrability on the court.


  • Great Power. 
  • Fast swing speed.


  • Not suitable for beginning players.

8. Yonex Duora 10

​Advanced players will enjoy using the Yonex Duora 10. Skill players who like to control every shot can drive fast backhands with smashing force. Duora 10 is technologically advanced.

It uses aerodynamics for speed. It has materials that were designed for the aviation industry. Duora 10 is in a special class since it joins a firm shuttle hold with high repulsion to reduce the shock on impact.

It greatly reduces fatigue on the body. You will feel as though you are one with the racquet. The Vibslayer Carbon technology is situated throughout the whole frame, joining shock acceptability with full power.


  • Delivers accurate shots. 
  • It has great clears.
  • Phenomenal for power shots.


  • Average speed.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.

9. Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash

​The Arcsaber Z Slash pushes the boundaries of speed. Skilled players can smash at the strongest possible speeds. Swing power is smooth and the most lethal than several other racquets on the market.

The highest documented speed was 421 kilometres. The smash movement is in the direction of the smashed light. The frame movement causes minimal disturbance by air. The aerodynamic compact frame reduces air pressure.

The ArcSaber Z Slash is extra slim. You will have a strong feel and flex upon smashing. The hybrid frame has an enlarged sweet spot that provides maximum power and prime energy release.

The CS Carbon Nanotube plus the high tensile graphite gives the user maximum power. The supple shaft transmits power for faster action. The octahedron shape promotes nimble handling.


  • The fastest speed is great for aggressive play. 
  • Excellent swing capabilities.
  • Feels solid and easy to control.
  • Fantastic aerodynamic design.


  • Most useful for advanced players.
  • Not good for rim shots.
  • The defence is poor.
  • Not the best racquet for the beginner.

10. Yonex Voltric 5

​This is a great racquet for the beginner player. The Voltric 5 is a very affordable racquet and with fast handling. This is a heavier racquet compared to the Voltric 7. The slim frame design is more balanced at the head for power with nimble agility and superior control. Normally, with larger heads and smaller shafts, the racquet would have speed but lack power.

Yonex solves this issue with the Tri-Voltage system. The Tri-Voltage system is power, agility, and strong sounding. The stiff racquet allows the head to bend while holding shuttles on the string bed for longer periods of time. The thin sides allow for reduced air pressure and superior handling.

Full swing action will be instant and subtle for short rallies. The sound filter technology produces larger sounds to rattle your opponents.


  • The racquet is very flexible and fast. 
  • The user will experience powerful shots.
  • Attackers will enjoy excellent handling.


  • It is not suitable for skilled players.
  • The head may be too light for users.

11. Yonex Voltric 7

The Voltric 7 is great for beginner badminton players. It is a lightweight racquet with a very heavy head. The slim frame gives the Yonex Voltric 7 superior manoeuvrability without losing control. You will enjoy exceptional power and agility.

The Yonex Voltric 7 also uses the Tri-Voltage system with tungsten inserted within certain positions in the frame and the T-Joint conjunction. Tungsten is 10 times more dense than graphite. This makes the sides of the racquet frame more nimble. The aerodynamics engineering design makes the Voltric 7 perform at an exceptional pace. This is ideally very suitable for heavy smash hitting and rapid swing action.

You get all of this explosive action at a very affordable rate for a racquet. With really super-fast performance, the racquet provides superior performance for a defensive player on the court in individual action or with a group.Of Course, the Voltric 7 cannot be compared to the Voltric 80. 

This is a great starter racquet to get your feet wet as you play a competitive game of badminton. The tension effect is a little low. You may have to exert extra power to hit those precise shots.


  • Plenty of power for all players.
  • Swings are fast.


  • The tension is poor.
  • The stringing could be improved.

12. Yonex Voltric 1DG

The Yonex Voltric 1DG has decent power and is relatively inexpensive. This is a fantastic racquet for a beginner badminton player. Voltric 1DG is one of the most affordable racquets available in the world. The frame is isometric which makes it great to hit shots from around the court. Power is sufficient for cleared smashes. However, this is not a good racket for an advanced badminton player.

The frame is blue with black spots distributed throughout the racquet. It is very visually appealing, and it will functionally get the job done. The Voltric 1DG has the Tri-Voltage technology which provides you with fast swings, decreased torque, and strong gripping functionality.

Get ready to hit fast swings. The Aero and Box frame makes hitting the shuttle easier during long rallies. With decreased torque action, your shots will have pinpoint accuracy. Shots taken off the shuttle will have more stability and flexibility.The support cap has an 88% larger surface. This makes gripping action steady. This also makes the racquet easier to maneuver. Because of the isometric design of the frame, the beginning badminton player will land a variety of shots.

It will feel great to serve with the racquet in your hand. Clears will be effortless due to the strong hitting power. Smashes are normal. It won’t take your breath away, but it will get the job done.Drives are good since it gets the job done. When it comes to lifts, the racquet delivers performance that is on level for the price. 

Defensive shots at the net are acceptable for a game with beginning players. However, it will not stop powerful shots from an experienced player. You will find the sweet spot for superb play as you hone your skills on the court.


  • Superior tension and great repulsion capabilities.
  • Smashing power is acceptable.
  • The racquet speed is fast.


  • Several players will experience a lack of power.
  • It is not an all-around racquet.
  • It is not suitable for advanced players.

13. Yonex Voltric 70

The Yonex Voltric 70 is a much more affordable racquet than the Voltric 80. It provides a superior feeling of power. It is one of the best racquets on the market for the price. Utilizing the Tri-Voltage system, the Yonex Voltric 70 provides wonderful handling with fantastic power. You will experience the right balance of attack and defense during the execution of your shots. Get ready for powerful smashes and excellent drop shots at the net.

The Voltric 70 is light-weight, lethal, and very fast. With the large head, you will fire off rapid shots with ease. The Voltric 70 is highly recommended if you are searching for a racquet with plenty of defensive skills packed with power. The handling is solid. The racquet offers great control and maneuverability.

Serves will be easy. You will feel the power with backhand serves and aggressive strokes. Offensive and defensive drives will be strong. With great shock absorption, you will receive your opponents' smashes regardless of the power and strength. You will be able to throw clears effortlessly.

The Yonex Voltric 70 is aesthetically designed to be modern and beautiful. The racquet is black with some chrome color in diverse areas of the frame. With the Tri-Voltage technology, you will experience great aerodynamics, super agility, and strong sounding. 


The racquet will move through the air easily. Swings will be fast with less torque and more durability. Shots will be precise at the net or in the back-court. The sound of the racquet will put pressure on your competitor. All in all, the Yonex Voltric 70 delivers power under pressure.


  • Great defensive power.
  • Light on the wrists.


  • The control power is just slightly above average.

14. Yonex Voltric 80

Voltric 80 uses the latest in available technology which is Nanopreme. The Voltric 80 has the thinnest shaft ever thanks to the Nanopreme technology. Neoprene is applied to the entire shaft of the Voltric 80. Combined with the thinnest shaft, the repulsion capabilities and increased durability aid the badminton player to generate more direct and precise shots.

The Voltric 80 is not for the faint of heart. The racquet is very expensive. The Nanoprene technology uses a special resin that binds with carbon fiber to produce a materially sound racquet. The combination of special materials joins elasticity, repulsion, and strength to help propel the game of the badminton player.

The Voltric 80 also utilizes the Tri-Voltage system for agility, endurance, and increased sound functionality. It is one of the most powerful racquets that have ever been created. 


You can have a great defensive game in the back-court with superior power. The Voltric 80 will be hard on the hands and the forearm. The swing action will produce a smart smash with excellent control and maneuverability.


  • Superior power.
  • Fantastic control power.
  • Excellent defense and maneuverability.


  • Hard on the wrists for long games.
  • Not recommended for beginning players.

15. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2


This is a best-selling racket. The King of Badminton used this racquet during his performance for Olympic glory. The shaft is thin. The Voltric Z Force 2 uses the Tri-Voltage system to deliver incredible smash energy and effortless swings.

The aero-dynamic head allows for maximum transfer of power while reducing the acceleration of the shuttle head at acceptable speeds. The return of serve is made with sustained power.

The extra-slim shaft is created for stronger and intense focused shots. The grommets are infused with tungsten. Combined with the Tri-Voltage system, the shuttle has maximum contact with the strings for a dynamic transfer of power. The aerodynamic frame reduces air resistance upon contact. .


The badminton player will enjoy precise shots from the net, mid-court, and back-court. The Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 swings heavier and with more dynamic thrust than the first generation Voltric Z-Force


  • Superior power.
  • Fantastic control power.
  • Excellent defense and maneuverability.


  • Hard on the wrists for long games.
  • Not recommended for beginning players.

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