The Best 7 ¼ Circular Saw Blades

Whether a busy contractor or a weekend warrior DIYer, it's critical to use the right 7 1/4 circular saw blade for the task at hand. Using the right blade for the task will result in a better cut and increased safety for the user.

Because not everyone knows what the best 7 1/4 circular saw blade for a particular task might be, I have broken down the top ten choices available.

Our Top 7 ¼ Circular Saw Blades

#1st Rated
Freud D0760A Diablo

Freud D0724X Diablo

#2nd Rated
IRWIN Tools MARATHON Carbide Corded


#3rd Rated


1. Freud D0724X Diablo 7-1/4-Inch 24 Tooth ATB Carbide Framing Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch and Diamond Knockout Arbor - Top Pick for 2020

Is it really surprising that the #1 spot for best 7 1 4 circular saw blades belongs to one of the long-time industry leaders in saw blade production? The Italian made Freud entry into the market kicks off our list.


  • The Freud D0724X features the standard red baked-on PermaShield coating that releases moist or dry wood particles with ease and reduces friction to prevent burning.
  • The cuts are super fast with the 15° ATB (alternate top bevel) tooth design
  • The extremely thin (.059 inch) kerf means less surface area to push through a cut
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  • Low tooth count means that this blade is best suited for rough carpentry like framing. Lower tooth count translates to fewer cuts per revolution, resulting in a cut that could be jagged or chipped.

2. IRWIN Tools MARATHON Carbide Corded Circular Saw Blade, 7 1/4-inch, 24T (24030)

Our next contender for best circular saw blade is the venerable Irwin Company's response to the Freud D0724X.


  • This blade features a silicone coating for resistance against moisture impregnated boards like those used in decking applications
  • Like the Freud, it features carbide teeth for and aggressive cut
  • Similar to the Freud, the Irwin also has the same ATB tooth design for clear chip removal


  • For those consumers that care, this is a Chinese made product.
  • This blade is best suited for wood products and not recommended for sheet or solid metals.

3. DEWALT DWA171460 7-1/4-Inch 60-Tooth Circular Saw Blade

Next up, DeWalt makes the list with their entry into a different circular saw blade type: the fine finishing category.


  • High tooth count for smoother cuts and less chip out.
  • Micrograin carbide teeth are less likely to leave cut marks on the finished product
  • Generously sized heat expansion slots allow for even cooling during cutting.


  • Price point is higher than other blades in this category
  • Online reviews state that the tooth geometry seems to work best with handheld circular saws

4. Freud D0760A Diablo 7-1/4" x 60-Tooth Ultra Fine Finishing Circular Saw Blade with 5/8" Arbor and Diamond Knockout Single Blade

This entry in the fine finishing category comes from Freud. It's features are similar to the D0724


  • Laser etched heat expansion slots keep the blade from warping over time
  • 60 micrograin carbide teeth give a smooth cut in plywood, softwood, or hardwood
  • Features a 5/8" arbor with diamond knockout for use with worm drive saws


  • None! This is an all around excellent performer in this category.

5.DEWALT 7-1/4" Circular Saw Blade, Precision Framing, 40-Tooth (DW3194) 

Next, for the rough carpenter comes one of the most common circular saw blade types, the framer. And with a name like DeWalt, you know the quality is going to be good!


  • 40 tooth count gives cleaner cuts in rough lumber and equally delivers good quality cuts in plywood or softwoods
  • Increased number of cooling slots dissipates heat and prevents burning of the wood or blade warpage


  • Some reviews have shown that this blade may have limited life when compared to its competitors
  • Price point vs. life span may not be in line with another 7 1/4 saw blade in this category

6. IRWIN Tools Metal-Cutting Circular Saw Blade, 7 1/4-inch, 48T (4935555)

If you are a metal fabricator and need to cut thin steel stock, then one of the best 7 1/4 circular saw blades for this task is Irwin's 48T model


  • Shallow tooth gullets are stout enough to cut thin guage sheet metal or small diameter stock with ease
  • Metal cutting carbide teeth are long lasting
  • Teeth are set straight with no hook angle for safety in preventing kickback and minimizing sparks


  • Online reviews state that despite the tooth count, this blade may leave a jagged edge on certain materials
  • Not for wood materials. The tooth profile is not even suitable for cutting sheet goods like MDF where there's no grain structure

7. Freud Diablo DO748F Diablo Steel Demon 7 1/4 Inch 48-Tooth Titanium Carbide TCG Ferrous Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade w/ Perma Shield Non-Stick Coating and Laser Cut Stabilizing Vents

In close competition to the Irwin blade at #6 is Freud's entry into the metal cutting 7 1/4 saw blade market.


  • Increased capacity of up to 1/4" thick mild steel plate
  • Titanium cobalt blend comprises the teeth for better abrasion resistance than the material used in wood cutting blades


  • Price point is higher than the Irwin
  • Durability is in question due in limited number of online reviews

8. Framing Saw Blade Circular 7-1/4-Inch 24 Tooth with ATB Carbide and 5/8-Inch Diamond Knockout Arbor

You probably haven't heard of Mastec but with the wave of Chinese goods being imported into America, it's not surprising that every once in a while there's a little known off brand that actually delivers a decent product. That's the case with this 7 1/4 circular saw blade


  • Price is the best part of this 7 1/4 saw blade! With an price under $7, how can a contractor or homeowner go wrong?
  • Deep gullets and top raker design allows for fast cutting in all woods.


  • Longevity is always in question with the low price option in any 7 1/4 circular saw blade category. The same rule applies here.
  • Lack of any coating likely means this is best suited for plywood and kiln dried lumber. Avoid using this blade with heavy pitch woods like pine.

9. Freud D0744CD Trex Composite Decking Circular Saw Blade Ideal

This next contender is the best 7 1/4 circular saw blade for a very particular task: composite decking installation. Anyone who has cut composite decking knows that typically taping off the cut line is required before attempting the cut. But thanks to the innovators at Freud, composite decking installers can have a clean cut with no preparation.


  • Unique 44 tooth count and semi-circular gullets make cutting composite decking clean and fast  
  • TiCo tooth material leaves no swirls or tooth marks on the finished edge of composite deck boards


  • High tooth count may translate to slower cuts for those concerned with speed in their projects

10. IRWIN Tools Classic Series Corded Circular Saw Blade, 7 1/4-inch, 60T (25530)

Yet another Irwin blade finishes my countdown of the best circular saw blades. This one is for the budget minded consumer who wants clean cuts but isn't necessarily concerned about blade longevity.


  • 60 teeth in a straight inline configuration allow for smooth cuts with no tear out
  • Equally suited for cross cutting or ripping in plywoods or softwoods.
  • Micrograin carbide offers better cut results over traditional steel plate style blades


  • Coating may not be as robust as Freud or DeWalt blade
  • Limited cooling vents means that this blade will likely heat quickly.
  • Online reviews indicate that there may be some flatness quality control issues with a very limited number of these blades

So there we have it! My recommendations for the ten best 7 1/4 circular saw blades on the market today. As you can see, the range of applications is really unlimited. Whether you're cutting wood, steel, or composites, there's a blade for every situation. And we have seen, using the right blade for the job is critical to ensure that your next job is a cut above the rest.

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Happy cutting!

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