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Wayde King Water Filtration Systems

Water is among the fundamental components that constitute the human body. It’s recommended that one should drink Eight 8 OZ of water per day. However, most of the contaminants and chemicals found in municipal drinking water can prove to be detrimental for you and your loved one’s health.

Having safe, drinkable water for you and your family will only help in improving your overall health. There’s no better way of guaranteeing this outcome than with wayde king water filtration to help you get water that’s good for your home, your pets, and family.

Eco Series 15 GPM Salt-Free 4-Stage Municipal Water Filtration Conditioning System

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The Wayde King water filtration system requires No Potassium or Salt, eliminates harmful contaminants like Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Herbicides, THMs, Volatile Organic Compounds, Pharmaceuticals, and pesticides. The ECO Series Municipal System delivers Spring-Quality Alkaline water to each faucet in your house and will assist in reducing energy and water costs.
The Eco Series has a 4-Stage Municipal water filtration & conditioning system. Its stages of Filtration include:

  • Stage 1: KDF 55

Removes microorganisms, chlorine, and heavy metals. This helps in raising pH and prevents any bacterial growth. It also controls algae and hard water scale formation by killing viruses, parasites, waterborne bacteria, and cysts.

  • Stage 2: Coconut Shell Carbon

Researchers have considered activated carbon to be a miracle filter media given its unique ability to remove offensive odors, tastes, chlorine, color, and volatile organic chemicals. When activated, it will act as a sponge that absorbs water contaminants.

  • Stage 3: Quartz Mineral Stone

When water passes through the Quartz Mineral Stone bed, it will remove suspended sedimentation and solids. This will result in optimal water distribution and efficiency.

*Stage 4: Dual-Polarity Scale-Reducing Ionizer

–Reduces hard water scale buildup significantly.

–Forms better lathering detergents and soaps.

–Significantly extends the lifespan of appliances and plumbing fixtures, which are expensive.

–Minimizes water spots on faucets, countertops, dishes, and showers.

–Eco-friendly solutions.

Another thing about this water filtration system is that it requires zero maintenance; there’s nothing to repair or any filters to replace. It comes with a patented Anti-Scale Ionizer that inhibits hard water scale build-up without using synthetic materials like polyphosphates, usually found in other Salt-Free systems. You will be eliminating the possibility of scale buildup in all your appliances and pipes. What’s more, it comes with an exclusive 20 years warranty and is made right here in America!

Platinum Series 20 GPM 6-Stage Salt-Free Municipal Water Filtration, Conditioning System

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The wayde king water filtration Platinum Series is an effective solution that will assist in facilitating a healthy household and lifestyle. It removes the effects caused by hard water without using Potassium and Salt and has an ionized chamber that prevents scale formation in appliances and plumbing fixtures. Its 6 stage water filtration system can eliminate contaminants and chemicals like THMs, PCBs, chloramines, heavy metals, microorganisms, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and pharmaceutical residuals.

Its 6-stage filtration system for removing harmful contaminants includes:

  • Stage 1: KDF 55

Specially made to eliminate or reduce chlorine and other heavy metals that are water-soluble. It will still be in control of bacteria, scale, and algae even when the water is hot. The KDF 55 has achieved NSF International Certification.

  • Stage 2: KDF 85

Eliminates harmful contaminants like alloys, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, chloramines, chlorine, iron, and an array of other harmful chemicals from the municipal water supply.

  • Stage 3: Clinoptilolite Natural Mineral Stone

Reduces turbidity and sediment, which increases filtration efficiency and capacity to 300%—Clinoptilolite assists in conserving the amount of water required for regeneration and backwashing.

  • Stage 4: Hi-Activity Catalytic Carbon

This is the top grade of carbon when it comes to drinking water filtration, given how its microporous structure delivers a much longer service life compared to low carbon grades that are found in competitor systems. The Hi-activity catalytic carbon in the Platinum Series eliminates heavy metals, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, bromate, chlorine, PFA’s and an array of biological and chemical contaminants.

  • Stage 5: Quartz Mineral Stone

This part removes suspended solids and other sedimentation, which will allow for maximum water efficiency and distribution.

  • Stage 6: Quad-Polarity Magnetic Anti-Scale Ionizer
  • Reduces the buildup of hard water scale.
  • Increases the lifespan of pipes and appliances.
  • Soaps and detergents lather better.
  • Eco-friendly water treatment solution

This 6 stage Platinum Series Municipal System is the best way you can guarantee your family isn’t bathing, drinking, or potentially inhaling carcinogenic chemicals that are usually found in municipal water supplies. Every unit of the wayde king water filtration system has been custom-built right here in America, so high-quality materials and construction are assured. It also comes backed with a 20-year guarantee, which is the longest in the industry.

Other popular Wayde King alternative products reviews include:

iSpring WF150K Whole House Central Water Filtration System

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The iSpring’s WF150K was specially designed to better the quality of life, given how it comes as a low-maintenance and long-lasting whole house central water filtration system. It combines premium filter media with cutting-edge technology of self-cleaning and regeneration. Here’s more on what it has to offer:

  • Enjoy Clean and Safe Water from Each Faucet: The central water filtration system is installed at the primary point of entry and removes heavy metals, lead, VOCs, herbicides, chlorine, pesticides, H2S (rotten egg smell) and an array of other contaminants. It is then supplied to the rest of the building being clean, tasting good, and, most importantly is safe.
  • Super High Capacity: The smart Control Valve back flushes and regenerates the patented filtration media formula at set cycles. It’s built to last 10+ years for 2-3 bathroom homes or five years in the 4-5 bathroom homes. And due to its low maintenance and high capacity, the system is ideal for commercial use.
  • Protect Household Appliances: The iSpring WF150K filtration system will prevent the growth of algae, scale, fungi, and mold. Purified water will assist in extending your plumbing system’s lifespan and other expensive household appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, and so on.

Aquasana Filter Purifier Salt Free Descaler

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Aquasana Premium Rhino Whole House, Descaler Filter system, gives you great-tasting, clean and healthy water from every faucet in your house by eliminating up to 97% of chlorine found in tap water and an array of hazardous water contaminants. They include water-soluble metals, herbicides, sediment, industrial solvents, silt, rust, and pesticides. This way, you will get healthier hair and skin since you won’t be exposed to harsh synthetic chemicals and chlorine that may result in excessive drying and damage.

It’s a high-performance filter system with KDF filtration & Carbon media coupled together with Scale Control Media (SCM) salt-free technology that will maximize on eliminating contaminants while healthy minerals remain. The UV filtration eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. What’s more, you’ll be happy to hear it comes with a 10-year warranty + conditioner + UV.

PremierSoft Conditioner Backwash Carbon Filter

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The Premier Whole House Salt-Free Water and Backwash Carbon Filter comes in a dual water treatment system. The 20GPM conditioner treats hard water while the Carbon Filtration System cleans up water impurities. So if you are a new homeowner, you should definitely consider going for this filter system. The system uses Template Assisted Crystallization treatment that ensures there is no formation of limescale on the fixtures, pipes, or appliances and, in some cases, remove pre-existing scale. It is specially designed for 3 to 6 bathrooms with a 20 gallon per minute flow rate.

Enjoy hassle-free clean and conditioned water from each faucet like a King!

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