My List of Expensive Hockey Skates That Are Worth the Price You’ll Pay

How I Found the Best Hockey Skates

While I was growing up, I played a few different sports, but hockey was my all-time favorite activity. I was excited to get onto the ice when a new season started. Although I received my first pair of skates long before I played the sport, I was raised to play the game.

My first skates were a gift when I was a child of five. My parents would take me to skate at the park when the lake froze over. I kept at it, and I became rather good at skating. My sister was a talented skater as well. She was involved in figure skating, but she would play hockey with the rest of us for fun.

When I became an adult, I never lost that love of hockey that I had when I was a child. I love going to games, and I still play in a recreational league. However, something magical happened when my children were born. I realized that I could pass my gift along to my kids.

When my children became old enough to walk, I bought them their first pair of skates. My son is old enough to play on a team, so I decided to buy an expensive pair of hockey skates for him. I don't want him to struggle to get around on the ice. He's interested in learning to play the sport, so I want to support his enthusiasm by purchasing the best pair of hockey skates that money can buy.

Good Skates for Every Season of the Year

When you are buying skates that you plan to use throughout the year, you need to be sure that you do research to find the best pair. In order to understand what makes a good hockey skate, you need to learn about what materials are used to manufacture the best hockey skates on the market.


The actual lining of the hockey skate should be made of soft material to maximize the comfort experienced by the user.

Ankle Support: 

Padding provided for ankle support is crucial to cushioning your joints.

Quarter Package and Outsole: 

The hard lining of the hockey skate should be made of durable material, typically hard plastic.


The actual part of the skate that makes contact with your foot differs in each model, but many brands of hockey skates use a replaceable footbed, so you will be able to use your skates long after the original footbed wears down.

Tongue and Heel Support: 

The tongue is similar to what's found in most shoes, but it's usually longer and sturdier in hockey skates. The heel support on hockey skates is usually sturdier as well to provide maximum protection for the skater.

1. Botas Attack 181 Hockey Skates - Top Pick for 2020

Brand Name and Information: These ice hockey skates are made by Botas, a well-known company in ice hockey skates and apparel. These particular skates were released in 2018. They come from Europe, specifically the Czech Republic.

Product Details: Attack 181 hockey skates are made in various sizes for adults and children. These skates are perfect for ice skating and playing hockey. Adult and children styles are similar, so you could buy the same style for your child and for yourself. Keep these skates clean after each use by following specific instructions from the manufacturer, and they should last a long time.

Key Features:

  • These skates have a soft synthetic lining that will provide much comfort for your feet. 
  • The ankle support is made from a tough foam padding. 
  • The plastic tip of these skates provides a durable, protective surface. 
  • Attack 181 hockey skates are designed to automatically form to the shape of your foot.


  • Comfortable  
  • New Model for Children
  • A unique approach to ventilating the inside of the shoe, Clima Air technology will provide a more enjoyable experience


  • Synthetic Material

2. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice Skates 

Brand Name and Information: The Ultima Softec sport ice hockey skates are made by Jackson. These skates are made using quality materials that will keep you moving along the ice for years to come. They come in a variety of sizes for men, women, boys, and girls.

Product Details: These hockey skates by Jackson come in two colors. Men and boys will enjoy skating along the ice in black Ultima Softec skates. Women and girls have a different design of blue and white colored material. The black skates have a white lining, and the blue skates have a blue lining.

Key Features: 

  • These skates have a Thinsulate lining. 
  • The trim is durable​
  • the outer-sole is built for speed.


  • Thinsulate: The padding on the tongue and inside the boot is made by a well-known brand of winter clothing. Thinsulate padding keeps the skater's feet warm, and it provides more comfort. 
  • Durable Trim: The synthetic material used for the trim is durable to provide resistance against damage.
  • Light Outer-Sole: Synthetic material on the heel and outer-sole makes these skates lighter than the cheaper skates available on the market


  • Not Traditional: These skates might not compare to traditional styles of other hockey skates that have a toe pick.
  • The material used for constructing the boot is also softer than other hockey skates.

3. Tour's TR-750 Ice Hockey Skates

Brand Name and Information: These hockey skates are made by Tour, and they weigh just under five pounds.

Product Details: Tour's TR-750 is a great skate for adults and older children. The blades of these skates are sharp when you order them from the manufacturer, so you'll be able to get out and skate right away.

Key Features: 

  • These skates are designed to keep your joints safe while you play hockey. 
  • They are made of a strong black material,
  • the inside of the tongue is white, and the laces are white as well.


  • Firm Support for Your Ankles
  • Deluxe Foam Lining: In addition to providing support, a hockey player wearing Tour skates will experience maximum comfort on the ice
  • Stainless Steel Blade: The blades on these Tour hockey skates are made of stainless steel, and the edges of the blades are hardened


  • Sizes Run Small: Some people have reported that they had to order a larger size than expected.

4. Draft 281 Ice Hockey Skates by Botas

Brand Name and Information: These quality hockey skates are made in Europe. Coming from the Czech Republic, Draft 281 are manufactured by Botas.

Product Details: These skates come in black, they have a white emblem on the top of the tongue, and they come with white laces. These are perfect skates for hockey enthusiasts of all ages since they're designed for both children and adults.

Key Features:

  • The insides of Draft 281 hockey skates are made of a soft padded material that is of synthetic origin. ​
  • the upper parts of these hockey skates are made from a more durable synthetic material.
  • With a reinforced heel, these hockey skates are designed for comfort and durability.


  • Carbon Ultra Steel Blades: When you're playing the game, you'll be happy you purchased skates with high quality blades 
  • Built for Play: These skates have padding and protection to last a long time.


  • Blade Attachment: While the blades on these skates are made from carbon steel, they’re not attached using screws.

Getting Your Children Involved in the Sport

While it's a challenge to get some children interested in getting off the couch, some of us have kids that love to play. If your child doesn't want to get out and play with the rest of the kids their age, take them to see a game. They might get involved with the crowd in the same way that you participate. If they like seeing the game, they'll be more likely to want to skate on the ice.

Hockey is a good sport for kids because it teaches children about the value of teamwork. Getting a small puck from one end of the rink to the other end is a difficult task for most young players. When you have kids from another team coming at you, it can seem overwhelming. Hockey teaches the kids to push back against the obstacles that are in front of them. If they're any good at the game, they'll score a point or two.

It's exciting to take your kids to see a game, but it's even more exciting to take your kids to their own game. You'll feel proud sitting in the stands to root for your child's team. When they get a chance with the puck, you'll be able to brag to the other parents that you bought them the most expensive hockey skates.

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