Daybed With Pop Up Trundle Buying Guide

When looking for the right pop up trundle bed, you should know what you are looking for as well as the quality. Before you make your next bed purchase, do your homework and look for the right bed for your current and future needs. Make sure you are going to buy a quality unit so you will not need to look again soon

What to Look for when selecting a Pop-up Trundle Bed

Quality of the Frame

A quality pop up trundle bed should be sturdy materials and in design. A high-quality trundle bed is not easy to find. A high-quality trundle bed will often cost you more than a cheap one, and it will also last you longer. If you only need a bed for a weekend or the occasional friend or sleepover, you can take that into perspective.

The better quality beds will give you your family and your friends a good place to sleep, that is comfortable, quiet, and sturdy. It is a good choice for you if you plan to entertain a lot or if you plan to pass the bed onto other family members. It is also a good choice if you plan to sell the bed in the future.

Ease of Use

Multiple complaints about trundle beds involve the difficulty of getting the trundle bed to wheel out or set up. The bed you select should be of simple design and sturdy in its design for when its moving parts are in action. The bed should be easy enough for your children or your elderly parents to set up for visiting friends and family.

Size of the bed

Most trundle beds are the size of a twin bed, though there is larger roll-out, pop up beds for multiple adults to use. They do not come in the twin XL bed size though there are unique designs that include latches to hook twin beds together to make a larger bed for multiple people to sleep on. You will also need to make sure the trundle bed folds out and up to the height of the day bed before you try to make them fit together.

Number of people it sleeps

There is a foldout bed with pop up trundle beds that fit and sleep multiple adults, bit most of the beds are twin beds. Smaller adults can fit the twin trundle beds, but not everyone from teenagers on up can fit these beds. The beds are often best for children and their playmates, as they are less likely to go over the weight limits and will not be too short for the sleepers.

Weight Limit

Most Daybeds with Pop up Trundle beds come with weight limits. Make sure the weight limit meets your needs, present, and future. A cheap fold out trundle bed will be more likely to come with a limited weight restriction. If you plan to use the beds for years, make sure you know if it will work for your teenage children as well as your young children. That means guessing how well the beds will support your growing family.

1. Glenwillow Home Trundle Bed - the Top Pick for 2020

The Glenwillow Home Trundle Bed comes welded for extra strength and can hold up to four hundred pounds. The frame can fit a nine-inch twin mattress, which can pop up easily from wherever you store it. The bed comes with rollers so you can roll it out from underneath other beds or furniture and fold-out legs for stability and storage.

The bed is lightweight and is only forty-five pounds when assembled. It is a solid steel design, and when folded out, the bed is only four ¼-inches tall.


Reviews for the Glenwillow Home Trundle Bed are positive. The bed is easy to use for most people and sturdy. They also easily fold down for storage under other beds while not in use. The users find it is perfect for sleepovers as it fits children easily without worrying about the weight restrictions.

The Kings Brand Furniture Twin Size Steel Day Bed (Daybed) Frame with Pop up Trundle & Mattresses the bed includes a platform with strong metal slats that support a sleeping body gently. The pop-up bed collapses down for easy storage and folds up for use.

The bed is space-saving and, when not in use, the bed fits easily underneath other types of furniture. The bed lifts to the height of a regular bed. The frame of the bed is eggshell white to match most color schemes.


The reviews of the pop-up bed are positive. The bed is easy to set up for most people though multiple people recommend two people put the bed up. The bed can also be a challenge to assemble the first time. Once you assemble the bed, it is easy to use and keep set up or slide out of the way.

The Twin Size Dark Black Metal Day Bed (Daybed) Frame & Pop up Trundle bed comes with a regular day bed. The pop-up trundle bed pulls out from beneath the frame of the day bed. The bed is perfect for sleepovers.

The bed comes with dual gravity locks to provide maximum strength for the sleeper. The bed is stable and rolls out easily from a down position. The bed folds out to the height of the day bed. The bed folds out to a height of 4.5-inches and weighs up to one hundred ten pounds when fully assembled.


People who have purchased the bed rating it well. The bed is easy to set up and disassemble with a strong and sturdy frame. It folds out the perfect height for average use and comes with dual locks to prevent unintended damages from occurring.

The Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection Day Bed with Pop up Trundle Bed is a handcrafted wood bed. The bed folds out to fit two twin-sized mattresses in a frame made with genuine lodge pole pine wood. The wood frame is extremely sturdy and has a listing for heirloom-quality construction.

The day bed with pop up trundle bed is part of the rustic furniture collection that produces top-quality rustic furniture that is as strong as the wood they use. Using real wood for the construction of the bed makes it heavy at one hundred seventy pounds.

The bed arrives in five pieces that require assembly though once assembled, and the bed can hold up to five hundred fifty pounds. It does not take long to assemble, and when both twin beds are together, the bed can fit queen mattresses or larger.


The bed has multiple good reviews because of the sturdiness of construction and the ease of set up. The real wood construction makes this bed perfect for even the rowdiest kid to sleep on. The bed is perfect adults as well as children to enjoy so the whole family can use the bed.

The Twin Size Metal Day Bed (Daybed) Frame & Pop up Trundle with Mattresses come with a reinforced platform of metal slats. The frame design includes a regular day bed with the trundle bed that slides out from beneath the frame of the day bed. The mattress is easy to lift and collapse, as needed.

The bed comes with a head and footboard that have holes that make the bed easy to assemble. The bed is space-saving though you will need to assemble the bed upon delivery. The bed is heavy-duty with a bed weight of one hundred ten pounds.


The bed has good reviews for the quality of the frame and construction. The bed is easy to set up and take down without a problem for most people. The mattresses that come with the bed are not the best quality but work for limited-use situations.

The Novogratz Bright Pop Twin Metal Daybed and Trundle is a multi-functional bed. The bed comes as two different beds with one that rolls and folds out just below the other. The two-bed frame is ideal for small spaces and guest accommodations. The frame is sturdy, with included side rails and slats of pure steel.

The roll-out trundle bed comes with casters that come with built-in breaks to prevent the bed from moving. The casters help support the trundle bed once it is set up. The bed frame comes in black, white, and turquoise to help match different types of decorations and weighs only sixty-one pounds when assembled. When assembled, the daybed can support up to four hundred pounds with the trundle bed supporting only two hundred twenty-five pounds.


The metal for the bed is soft, and a common complaint is because the metal can bend on the trundle bed. When assembled correctly, the bed is sturdy and elegant when assembled but can also be difficult to assemble.

The Leggett & Platt Pop up 39-Inch Link Spring Trundle Bed is a fold-out trundle bed that comes spring-loaded to "pop" up when pulled out. The bed comes with locking springs that automatically lift out into the "up" position, which can lock into place when fully set up.

The trundle bed is safe to use and easy to store away, and at only fifty-nine pounds, the trundle bed can be easy to set up for all. The bed arrives, ready to use without the need to assemble.


The bed is easy to use for almost everyone. It is also strong and sturdy, but there are complaints of the joints not fully locking or breaking early.

The Kings Brand Ewen Pewter Metal Twin Size Daybed Frame with Pop up Trundle Bed is a strong, sturdy pop-out bed. The bed frame is stable and easy to use with friends and family. The bed weighs little over two hundred fifty pounds, and it pops up to the level of the regular bed.

The bed does not use bars to pull out the trundle bed, making it even easier to use that of a normal trundle bed. The bed is simple to assemble and pops up to a height of seventeen-inches tall.


The reviews are positive for the bed. They rave over the ease of set up and the ease of use once it is set up. There are no complaints about the bed

The Dream Solutions Metal Day Bed (Daybed) Frame and Pop up Trundle comes with strong metal slats that can support whoever needs to use them. The frame of the day bed is a regular bed with a fold-out and up frame that stores easily underneath the daybed. The trundle bed lifts easily from underneath the day bed.

The trundle bed folds out and up to the height of the daybed, which is ideal for a sleepover. It is also ideal for family get-togethers as the bed is sturdy and only one hundred forty-five pounds. The frame is a standard twin-sized bed and comes with mattresses for both beds.


Reviews for the mattress are positive. The beds are easy to set up and get ready for use. The beds can easily fit adults but also work well for children. There are some complaints that the accompanying mattresses are not comfortable for all sleepers.

The Montana Woodworks Homestead Collection Day Bed with Pop up Trundle Bed is a strong, sturdy frame made with square sawed timber wood. The wood is strong, sturdy, and coated in a premium quality clear lacquer finish. The pop-up trundle slides out easily from beneath the bed and comes with a poly deck support for the mattress.

The daybed uses long-lasting and durable mortise and tenon components to help the bed become a family heirloom. The frame of the bed weighs one hundred seventy pounds when assembled. The bed also comes with a twenty-year manufacturer's warranty.


The day bed and trundle bed come with high reviews. The bed is one that multiple people have enjoyed. The bed is also not easy to assemble, but once assembled, is easy to use with the trundle bed. The frame is sturdy, and the design makes it comfortable for long-term use.

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