Coleman RoadTrip Grill LXE Review 2020

The Coleman RoadTrip Grill LXE is a very portable and versatile grill. The grill is a cost-effective way to get a top-quality grill that is small enough to travel where you want it to go and large enough to feed your entire family and friends without too much trouble. The barbeque is unique in its fold-up design and sturdy enough to survive travelling on camping trips and across the country in an RV.

About the Coleman RoadTrip Grill

Coleman RoadTrip Grill LXE

Versatility is what you get with the Coleman RoadTrip Grill. Not only does it fold up small enough to carry along on a camping trip, but when it comes to cooking, there are multiple options for different types of food and heat distribution.

One side of the grill a traditional cast-iron grill grate, which is perfect for making your steaks sizzle and your burgers juicy, the other side, has a griddle as an added accessories that are perfect for sauteing vegetables or toasting buns.

The grill, for being portable, is surprisingly large. It has two-hundred, eight-five square inches of cooking space along with two side trays. The barbeque grill measures twenty-four inches wide with a depth of twelve inches. That is a lot of cooking space for multiple family dinners with guests.

While the grill is large enough for most family cooking, it is also easy to fold up and take it on your next camping trip. The grill is easy to fold up and store. It also has an extendable handle so you can wheel it to your camping spot or beach party while it is still folded up.

What are the Features?

The portable Coleman grill comes with two independent burners. The burns each have independent temperature controls on the sides of the grill so you can set the temperature of each to a different grilling level, such as having one side set up to cook those nice, thick steaks slowly, while the other side flips burgers.

The barbeque comes with two cast-iron grills, a porcelain coated grill, and a stove that is pre-assembled with burners and side tables. The drip pan is easy to remove for cleaning, and it comes with a standard regulator to keep the grill functioning at its peak temperature safely.

One side of the grill comes ready to hold your seasonings to carefully bring out the flavor of each barbequed food item. They are large enough to hold your seasonings, sauces, buns, a drink, or anything else you might need to have nearby.

Underneath the barbeque is three tool hooks for hanging your cooking tools such as tongs, a barbeque fork, or a spatula. There are also mental handles that can help move the grills around as you need a steel cover painted in a high-heat resistant paint to cover your foods while they cook and not worry about paint flaking into it.

Is it Easy to Set Up?

The Coleman Propane Grill RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill comes almost ready to use. There is little to assemble aside from putting on the wheels and the portable handle. It takes only around twenty minutes to assemble, and even those people with little skill in a building will have no problem getting this grill ready to cook.

For any concerns with assembly or use, please see the product manual, which is available online.


The fuel to get your Coleman RoadTrip Grill XLE up and cooking is propane. In particular, the grill is set up to cook off of a small disposable canister of propane that will provide you with between 1.1 hours of cooking and 4.5 hours depending on how high you set the burners.

The grill can accommodate larger refillable propane tanks, and the twenty-pound tank is recommended with the right high-pressure hose for use. Because of the amount, a pressure the larger tank has, you should slowly turn on the larger tank as it can flood the lines causing the regulator in the grill to close for safety.

Product Specifications

The Coleman grill weights a little under fifty pounds, and after set up, the grill is 46 X 18 X 35 inches wide, including the side tables. The ignition system for the Coleman grill is electric, and the entire unit is completely durable reinforced steel.

The grill offers 20,000 BTUs of cooking power that cover the two-hundred eight-five square inches of grilling space. The grill tops are interchangeable with a griddle and stovetop grates, which are sold separately. The Coleman grill comes with an instant start button that starts the grill without the need for a lighter or matches.


As for accessories, you can use all of your regular cooking gear with the Coleman grill, but there are additional items you can buy to make your cooking easier, such as multiple grill plates in varying sizes. You can have other foods ready to cook once your main grill is done cooking. They can be exchanged for grills prepped and ready for cooking.

The additional grills come in full-sized and half-sized trays. You can purchase additional wheels, canisters of propane, Coleman grilling implements like spatulas, and additional hooks for hanging cooking gear.

A full guide of available Coleman accessories can be found Through the Coleman RoadTrip Grill Accessories page.

Cleanup and Storage

The Coleman RoadTrip Grill is easy to clean up with burners that come free from the mainframe of the grill to make scrapping and cleaning easy. The drip pan is easy to take out and clean with the entire Coleman unit being compact enough to fold up and put away for storage while not in use, to wheel out of the way as you need.

Portable and Convenient

The grill is large enough to cook for multiple family members and friends, and the design is compact enough to make it easy to move. The grill is very compact when it folds up with trays that slide out of the way under the grill and legs that fold up underneath the grill.

The wheels slide back into a luggage position, and with the pull-out handle, it can be towed around as such between campsites and picnic tables as you require. The fold up and set up take a few minutes with the main amount of time spent reconnecting the regulator and the bottles of propane when you are ready to cook.

The legs fold smoothly back out and lock into place to keep the barbeque from sliding around when in use. Reconnecting the propane lines and lighting the grill should have the grill lid up. Having the grill lid open will prevent the buildup of propane. If propane builds up inside when you push the button to turn on the grill can cause an explosion and injury to yourself of those around you.

The Coleman RoatTrip XLE barbeque is perfect for travelling, family get-together, and tailgate parties as they fit easily into regular-sized vehicles. The barbeque is not one that should be taken on backpacking trips or for long miles over the back-country as it will be damaged. When it is set up for travel, the entire barbeque is around two feet long with about of foot of space wide.

How Well Does it, Cook?

The flexibility of the Coleman RoadTrip grill extends to multiple surfaces capable of cooking almost any food you could want. Because of the grill and porcelain grill, you can cook steak on one side of the grill, while you make pancakes and scrambled eggs on the other side.

It is capable of doing breakfast lunch or dinner foods on a single travel cooking appliance. The grill has 10,000 BTU's for each grill (20,000 BTU's) to evenly distribute heat in varying temperatures for quick and smooth cooking. As each burner is controlled independently, you can cook two different meals or foods at two different heat settings without ever mixing the vegetables or meats.

The grill provides you with different ways to cook your meals and can adjust each grill to what you need to cook. There are a few things you cannot cook on this grill. The only downside of the grill is the limited clearance of the lid over the barbeque.

Having limited height over the barbeque removes your ability to cook large items such as a full turkey, roast, or chicken. While most people do not cook large items on barbeques, this is a downside for those that do cook larger foods.

The grill is also extremely hot as you are cooking with propane. It takes time to get the temperature right for each type of food you will be cooking. Be prepared to learn how the Coleman RoadTrip Grill can change how you have barbequed before. You might want to have it set on a low setting for the first couple of uses to ensure properly cooked foods, even if it does not cook as fast.

Long-Term Quality

The grill is surprisingly good quality, but there are some things to consider when you start using this barbeque. The grill is made of steel. Steel does rust if it is left outside in all sorts of weather, and even though much of the grill has a coat of steel paint, it can chip if you are not careful with its cleanup and use.

The grill is easy to clean and take apart to do so, but as it is steel, it needs to be properly dried as well as cleaned between uses as it will encourage rust to develop quickly. The handles can also melt if they are left attached while you cook. Coleman will address these issues if you have them.

Product Specifications

Brand: Coleman

Model Name: RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill

Model Number: 2000017444

Material of the Body: Steel

Material of the Burners: Steel

Painted: Yes

Ignition System: Electric Start

BTUs: 20,000 (10,000 per burner)

Dimensions: 32 X 35 x 19 inches

Weight: 49.5 Pounds

Surface for Cooking: 285 Square Inches

Fuel Source: Propane

Number of Burners: 2

Number of Side Trays: 2

Legs: 2 legs, with fold-up/our wheels

Thermometer: Not Included

 Warranty: five-year limited warranty

What do the Reviews Say?

Coleman listens to customers when they give negative reviews about a product and takes those reviews back into their labs to work on improving the quality and functionality of the grills. Over the lifespan of the Coleman Propane Grill RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill, the quality has steadily improved with satisfaction reviews and ratings rising with the quality.

The current number of reviews covers over five thousand, and the product rates four-out-of-five stars for barbeque, which is a large jump over the last ten years. The reviews are sixty-four percent five-our-of-five star ratings with only ten percent giving a one-out-of-five star rating.

  • Positive Reviews:

Reviews for the Coleman Propane Grill RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill are mostly positive. Buyers of the grill love the versatility of the grill and the size. The grill, even if it is not used as a travel grill, fits perfectly on small balconies at apartments or small homes. The grill is easy to fold up and put away inconvenient indoor storage.

The grill also receives rave reviews for how it travels. Multiple people have purchased the grill for their RVs or camping trips. The grill is light enough to fit in travel vehicles and folds out easy enough for general use.

The locking legs are also reviewed as convenient and sturdy. If you use the grill in an area of uneven ground, the barbeque remains sturdy. It also stays strong in minor wind and will not tip over, and the locking lid feature will also prevent it from popping open on windy days or while you are moving or storing it.

  • Negative Reviews:

A complaint found on the main types of grills is the uniformity of the heat across the cooking space. The grill is warmer in the middle that on the edges so you will need to rotate any foods carefully, as you are cooking. The shallow cooking trays also mean limited room for the flame to expand to fill the trays.

There are also complaints about the regulator being faulty. If the regulator is faulty, your barbeque will not stay lit long enough to barbeque with it. A faulty regulator will require replacement by Coleman, who has been working on getting the few defective regulators replaced and off the market.

The main complaint about the barbeque is the length of the handle for travel. Most people would like a longer handle to make moving the grill simpler for taller people. The handle can also fall off while in use, which can be a problem on uneven ground.


  • The Coleman Barbeque has twenty thousand BTUs of cooking power. 
  • The barbeque has the Swaptop feature, which allows you to switch out grills for a griddle or stovetop.
  • The barbeque starts with a button, no lighter or matches required.
  • The barbeque is compact enough to store and transport.
  • Both barbecues have individual temperature gauges.
  • The lid of the barbeque has a lock for easy transport, storage, and safety.
  • The Coleman Barbeque has a towing handle to make moving the barbeque easier.
  • The barbeque works well at home or on the road.


  • The barbeque could have a longer handle for transporting.
  • The Coleman barbeque is not good to take on long hikes or into the backcountry.
  • The barbeque is too small to cook larger items such as whole turkeys or chickens.
  • The barbeque heat does not allow the flame to distribute evenly across the burner.
  • The barbeque will rust if left in the elements as it is solid steel.
  • The barbeque requires some disassembly to clean between uses properly.


The Coleman Propane Grill RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill warranty is broad enough to cover manufacturer's defects and most problems that might arise. Where there are problems, Coleman actively works to fix the problem themselves, and on multiple websites where complaints were made, Coleman reached out to the person and worked with them to determine what the problem was.


Coleman's customer service is excellent, and they are very responsive to customer complaints and problems. They do try to answer problems and questions quickly and work with the customer to resolve the issue to their satisfaction. The resolutions have included diagnosing problems and sending replacement parts such as replacement starters or wheels.


They have updated portions of the grill as problems have come up. The current version of the grill was built off of customer reviews and comments. They are still working on adapting their current model to make the next even better.

What should You Look for in A Travel Barbeque?

While there are multiple small versions of the travelling barbeque, there are several things to consider for your next barbeque

1. How Many People will You be Cooking for?

The right sized barbeque for your home and needs depends on the size of your family and how often you plan to use the barbeque. If you do not plan to use the barbeque often or if your family is not large, the Coleman barbeque will suit your needs. If you plan on throwing frequent beach parties with friends, the grill is also perfect, though if you plan on having more than ten friends, your cooking will be a challenge.

2. How well does the Barbeque Travel?

There are small travel-sized barbeques that come in their travel cases that can sit neatly on a picnic table. These are often all a small family needs for travelling, but if your family is larger or you plan on cooking for teenagers, the Coleman RoadTrip barbeque will suit your needs for size at two hundred eighty-five square inches of cooking space.

3. How Much Propane will You Need for Your Activities?

If you do not plan to travel far with your barbeque or of using it often, the small disposable containers of propane will be enough to cover your needs. If you plan to use the Coleman Barbeque while you travel, you may want to carry a larger tank of propane that is refillable. That will also mean buying a hose to convert your propane system over to a larger tank.


Size matters if you plan to spend any time away from civilization, where buying a small disposable canister of propane might not be easy. It is also something to consider if you are travelling and have limited space for extra propane tanks or if buying them is not cost-effective.


Coleman is an attentive manufacturer of multiple types of barbeques. They are responsive to customer concerns and complaints. Coleman works to improve on their design and address design flaws for future use, and the Coleman RoadTrip LXE satisfies most people's needs for an outdoor barbeque.


The Coleman RoadTrip LXE is versatile and capable of cooking most foods to perfection with very little effort. The grill may be small, but it is large enough to cook for most average-sized families and friends. With over five thousand reviews available to peruse, the Coleman RoadTrip grill delivers what it promises.

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