Best Wide Neck Acoustic Guitars 

When looking for an acoustic guitar, it's important to know exactly which type of guitar you're looking for. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a dedicated beginner, there are few guitar types that are as ideal as wide neck acoustic guitars. Not only do these guitars provide a type of flexibility that can't be replicated with other models, but they can also be quite affordable depending on the situation.

To help you navigate the world of wide neck acoustic guitars, we've created an in-depth guide to the subject. We have scoured the market to find you 10 of the most notable products out there, going into detail about the benefits and potential detriments of each product so you can find a guitar that is truly fitting for you, maybe it's even a hamer guitar?

In the event that you have more questions about what to look for when considering certain products, we will also be including a detailed section on the most important attributes of wide neck acoustic guitars.

This is a great moderately-priced option for those who want to play both folk music that involves strumming and fingerpicking styles. In particular, we love the gorgeous design of this guitar that features elegant ornaments and durable wood. The mahogany V neck of the guitar is also very intuitive to use, giving you plenty of room to play fast scales with.

The only negative aspect of this instrument is that the action might be a bit too high at times, but we've found the overall balance to be quite good. The price might also be prohibitive for some!


  • Mahogany V neck

  • Elegant ornaments and design
  • Made of durable wood


  • Action can feel a bit high
  • Price might be prohibitive for some

The double action truss rod included with this guitar makes it have a really flexible type of action that is easily adjustable. We also love the tapered head-stock that stays consistent to help your guitar stay in tune for long periods of time. This instrument also comes with a beautiful pick guard to help protect the body of the instrument from potential damage due to aggressive strumming.

The price of this might be prohibitive for some, but this is a great guitar for playing country and rock music. It also comes in 5 available colors: Black, Natural, LE Black, LE Blue and LE Tennessee Red!


  • Comes with beautiful pick guard
  • Tapered headstock
  • Double action truss rod


  • Price might be prohibitive for some

If you're at all familiar with the guitar world, you know that Blueridge is a reputable manufacturer. They always make products that are both consistent and comfortable, allowing guitarists to play in a variety of styles with ease.

 This BR-341 guitar is no different and is definitely the best wide neck acoustic guitar we've ever had the pleasure of using. However, the biggest caveat to this guitar is apparent at first glance: the price.

As one of the most expensive instruments on this list, this is definitely a product that might be inaccessible for some consumers. That being said, there are no other negative aspects of this product—we truly think it is worth the money if you want to invest in something that is very luxurious.

We particularly enjoy the slim mahogany neck that gives you pretty easy action. The included ebony fingerboard is also one of the most durable ones we've ever seen!


  • Slim mahogany neck 
  • Durable ebony fingerboard
  • Very comfortable to play
  • Accessible action


  • Price might be inaccessible for some

If you're someone who is looking for a durable wide neck acoustic guitar that can also be played as an electric guitar, this is the model for you. The guitar's body shape is designed for those who use guitar picks, providing a unique pick guard and a caved body shape for folk music.

In the event that you use this guitar as an electric instrument, you'll also appreciate the EQ on the side that allows you to quickly adjust your sound while playing. 

That being said, the two negative aspects of this product are that it might be expensive for some and that it isn't ideal for intimate styles of music such as classical music.


  • Side EQ is easy to adjust
  • Can be both acoustic and electric
  • Great body shape and pick guard


  • Not ideal for classical guitar styles
  • Price might be prohibitive for some

Those looking to play folk and country music inspired by performers such as Johnny Cash and Sister Rosetta Tharpe will love this guitar. Not only was it designed to evoke the mid-20th century, but it also sounds reminiscent of it!

With its solid spruce top and gold sparkle neck, it distinguishes itself from other products available out there.

There is also a built-in chromatic tuner and an output to plug the guitar into an amplifier! If you want to play intimate styles of music this guitar isn't for you, but otherwise it is the perfect guitar for folk and country music.


  • Solid spruce top and gold sparkle neck 
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Iconic antiquated sound
  • Works as an electric guitar


  • Only really good for folk or country music

As the cheapest product on this list, this instrument is a fantastic option for those who don't have a large budget. As far as cheap guitars go, this Yamaha C40II is very versatile and can be used for playing anything from classical music to heavy metal.

Yamaha is a very reliable company that doesn't really put out bad products, so you don't have to worry about the durability of the product.

 With its rosewood fingerboard and bridge, the C40II will help you tap into whichever sound world you want to. Something that we also appreciate about this guitar is the gloss finish that gives it an elegant flare.

If you're someone who is an experienced guitar player, though, this might not be the wide neck acoustic guitar for you. Sure, it is great for beginners, but those more familiar with having control over their tone might find that this guitar feels a little bit limiting. However, you truly can't beat the affordable price!


  • Remarkably affordable price  
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Versatile and durable


  • Tone isn't very nuanced

The Yamaha CG122MCH is a slightly improved version of the aforementioned C40II product. What distinguishes it from the C40II, though, is that it has a low string action and a 3-ply neck construction that helps keep the action consistent.

Overall, the design of the guitar is more durable than the former model and can withstand quite a lot of aggressive playing. 

You're still not going to get an incredibly nuanced tone out of this instrument, but it is mainly for beginners who won't need a detailed tone. However, it does have a very affordable price!


  • Affordable price
  • Low string action
  • 3-ply neck construction


  • Tone isn't very nuanced

This guitar is a great option for those specialize in rock music. We love how sturdy the body feels, making this an ideal guitar for strumming. The double action truss rod makes the action quite consistent while the select pressure-tested solid top makes tuning this guitar remarkably easy.

The price is on the moderate side and therefore might not be accessible for some, but it's worth it if you want an affordable folk guitar.


  • Sturdy body is perfect for strumming
  • Double action truss rod makes the action consistent
  • Pressure-tested solid top


  • Price might not be accessible for everyone

As the most expensive item on this list, it's understandable if it seems absurd to purchase this product. however, we wanted to include it to give you an idea of what a truly luxurious product looks like.

 This guitar has a wonderfully large body that is perfect for budding songwriters who want something that feels comfortable to strum. 

The gold tuners and durable mahogany neck are also very nice touches! This product can also work as an electric guitar and comes with a 3-band EQ!


  • Durable body
  • Gold tuners
  • Comes with 3-band EQ


  • Price is absurdly expensive

Recording King are not the most well-known brand out there, but they excel at creating products for folk musicians who use finger picking styles. With the solid torrefied adirondack spruce top and the rosewood fret board, you can rely on this durable guitar.

The only criticism we have of this product is that the included pick guard can take on damage quite easily.


  • Great for finger picking 
  • Solid torrefied adirondack spruce top
  • Rosewood fret board


  • Included pick guard takes on damage easily

Choosing the Best Wide Neck Acoustic Guitar – The Ultimate Buying Guide

The quality of a wide neck acoustic guitar will be largely determined by your own personal preferences. However, there are some qualities that you can look out for to guide your decision-making process:


This might seem like an obvious category to keep track of, but it is really the first thing you should be considering when looking for a wide neck acoustic guitar. Though it's possible to find some really great deals on a small budget, the expensive products are often the most durable and worthwhile purchases just like in gaming arena. That being said, we have included products from a variety of price points on our list for the explicit purpose of showing you the many options that are available.

Steel or Nylon?

Once you have figured out your budget, it is important to decide which type of strings you will want to put on your guitar. The type of guitar that you choose will often dictate the type of strings that you buy, so it's important to consider. Nylon strings are traditionally used for classical and bossa nova guitar playing, but in recent years they have also become known for the iconic sounds they provide for indie rock music and other contemporary genres.

On the other hand, steel guitar strings have distinct roots in folk music and are typically used to achieve a shimmering, metallic sound. For this reason, they are usually played in conjunction with guitar picks.

In general, nylon strings provide more flexibility. Because they are able to provide both intimate and aggressive tones, their sound largely depends on how you use them. This is much different than steel strings that have more of a distinctive sound that doesn't change with technique.

Nylon strings are also more gentle to play, making them more accessible for beginners. All guitar strings include some type of learning curve, but steel strings can be unnecessarily difficult for those who have never played guitar before. If you're a player who is mainly interested in folk music or other types of music that involve steel strings, you should get the appropriate strings.

Classical or Folk?

The main difference between classical and folk guitars is the neck size. Though all of the guitars in this guide have wide necks, some are wider than others. Classical guitars typically have wider necks than folk guitars, so this is an important attribute to consider. The main benefit of having a wide guitar neck is that you will have more room to accurately hit certain notes. That being said, certain chords might be tricky to play due to excessive space between notes.

Body Shape

The body shape of particular guitar products can vary, so you should be familiar with what feels comfortable for you. Guitars with larger bodies can be more difficult to strum, while smaller guitars are easier to handle. Certain guitars will also have a portion of the body missing to allow the left hand to reach higher notes, but this can inhibit certain types of guitar playing if it isn't necessary.

If you happen to know someone who plays guitar, it might be worth asking to borrow their instrument for a set period of time. By doing this, you can get an idea of how the guitar body feels and what is easier to play.


Action is a term used to refer to how much distance there is between the strings and the neck of the instrument. Guitars with high action can make it more difficult to play certain notes, so it's worth considering. Understanding the action of your instrument is one of those things that can't really be grasped until you have the instrument in person, though, so you should be prepared for that. If your instrument isn't a good fit after all, you can always take it to a professional location to have the action adjusted.

Overall Durability

The durability of the instrument can often be the "make or break" factor of an instrument. By familiarizing yourself with the type of wood the instrument is made of and any potential reviews, you can get a better idea of how long-lasting a given instrument is.

Is it Completely Acoustic?

Though this guide is mainly written for those seeking acoustic guitars, some of the recommended models also function as electric guitars. This is typically accomplished by certain instruments having an output for a ¼" cable that can be plugged into an amplifier or PA.

In Conclusion

Out of all of the products we looked into for this list, none were as impressive as the Blueridge BR-341 Historic Series Parlor Guitar. Not only does this model feature an incredibly durable design, but it also has a wide fingerboard that allows you to have complete flexibility and control over your tone. The slim mahogany neck also allows for a very quick and easy action that makes it easy to play complicated solos.

The sound of this parlor guitar is also versatile, allowing you to play classical music just as easily as pop music! The price of this instrument is definitely expensive when compared to other models in the market, but you definitely get your money's worth.

At the end of the day, it is important to only purchase a guitar that you feel comfortable with. The ideal wide neck acoustic guitar will give you a nice balance between flexibility, tone, price and durability, so it's important t consider those attributes before committing to a model. If you truly don't know where to begin, we recommend starting with a look into any of the recommended wide neck guitars on our list.

We hope that this list has been helpful so that the next time you're in the market for a wide neck acoustic guitar, you know exactly where to start!

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