12 Best Vintage and Retro Bluetooth Speakers in 2020 Reviews

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker can be a headache. There are so many styles to choose from with different types of software and options available. It is hard to know which one is the best to choose that will fit your home and your life.

Let's take a look at some cool options

1. Retro Bluetooth Speaker - Top Pick for 2020

The Retro Bluetooth Speaker comes in the choice of five different colors; Blue, cherry, black, red, and pink. The tiny blue tooth speaker is loud with a four-amp audio output that produces a deep, rich sound despite the small size of the speaker. The speaker has a 1100mAh battery that is rechargeable with up to eight hours of quality sound production.


The speaker has a retro appearance that is all rounded angles with a large knob to control the music that plays on FM radio. The speaker has advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology that connects to your other smart technology, like your Smart Phone, in as little as a second. The speaker technology produces a deep bass enhancement that resonates like the most professional sound equipment.


The speaker has an AUX Mode and a TF card slot. They both allow you to connect your phone directly to the radio without using the Bluetooth or plug your TF card directly into the radio for a direct music connection. The radio is small as a can of soda pop, which makes the radio perfect for taking on camping trips or family vacations. The materials of the vintage radio are top-quality to help you continue to use the radio during all types of musical situations.

The retro Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the through-back moments at the park or in your home kitchen. The vintage speaker comes with a one-year money-back warranty and a complete lifetime connection to customer service to help maintain the radio, excluding the regular wear and tear of general use.


Stars: Four-and-a-half-stars out of five


  • The retro speaker uses Bluetooth or AUX to connect directly to your smart technology.
  • The speaker has a unique vintage rounded appearance.
  • The retro speaker comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The battery can die quickly with overcharging.
  • The instruction for the radio can be confusing.

The Tewell Bluetooth Speakers come in two traditional colours of black and brown. The speaker has woven cover in a checker-ed pattern — the logo for Tredwell ornaments the front in retro lettering.


The Bluetooth speakers come with state-of-the-art bass reflex system, which produces the low, deep tones produced by the bass guitar or bass drums. The stereo delivers clarity without any musical distortion in any size of room or space.


The Bluetooth in the speaker is 4.2 technologies that are wireless up to thirty-three feet from the stereo. The connection to the speaker is strong, and the Bluetooth will not drop or become weak with interference. The sound produced is loud as well as clear, with high and low sounds coming out distinctly.

The radio is as simple as the old radios to control with a gold toggle switch and a knob for volume control that is completely retro. The radio also has a 3.5 mm input cable that allows you to have your old-time radio listening experience. The radio also comes with a braided audio cable to help radio remain connected and strong.


Stars: four-and-half-stars out of five


  • The speaker is very loud for its small size.
  • The Tewell Bluetooth speaker has a very powerful and deep bass output.
  • The speaker uses real wood to make the vintage aspects stand out.


  • The radio is faulty if left on all the time.
  • The Bluetooth software can have glitches.

The ART+SOUND Bluetooth Speaker Vintage Retro Radio gives the appearance of a true old-time radio. The Art + Sound radio has a deep glossy wood finish offset by the old dial tuning radio screen with two knobs for tuning and volume control. The quality sound production occurs through a mesh screen that mimics the appearance of the older radios.


The radio is capable of pairing with any devices that do Bluetooth, such as your smartphone or tablet. The art + sound radio connects to the radio through an AUX port as the original versions have done so you can tune into your favourite stations as of old. The radio also has a strong Bluetooth connection so you can stream media wirelessly to your vintage speaker.

When turned on, the speaker will glow a green-yellow colour to illuminate the dial of the radio like the old-time radios. The light is an LED, and the entire radio comes with a built-in battery that charges when plugged into a rational wall socket.


Stars: four-out-of-five stars


  • The RM radio has good reception without static.
  • The Bluetooth range is very wide.
  • The battery lasts a long time.


  • The protective plastic cover can peel off with heat.
  • The USB cable port can become loose.

The Marshall Acton Speaker comes in the traditional colours of black and brown. The speaker appears to look like an old-school speaker in appearance and design. The speaker is small and compact with a wire meshing at the front of the radio, looking like the traditional radio. The radio control has three knobs and an on/off switch placed on the top of the radio.


The radio, manufactured by Marshall, is a top-quality radio produced by a company that manufactures music producers like stereos and amplifiers. Marshal is a respected manufacturer of retro speakers that come with the power of modern technology with the classical lines of a vintage radio. The radio produces a forty-watt output with a clear range of sound production on both ends of the volume spectrum.


The vintage radio has a frequency level of 4200 Hz, which is a wide frequency for volume and power. In addition to the high level of Hz, the Bluetooth wireless is a 4.0 strong connection. The quality of sound produced is pure and clear without distortion because the wireless router is a 450 Mbps network connection.

The radio also comes with a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack allowing you to connect your radio to traditional sources of music. The radio jacks have gold-plated connectors to help with sound production and prevent any music production problems. The radio has a built-in battery that charges quickly in three hours.


Stars: Four-out-of-five stars


  • The speaker has gold-plated auxiliary cables for quality sound production.
  • The Marshal Vintage Speaker produces forty watts of sound.
  • The speaker battery will charge in three hours.


  • The Bluetooth function can go bad.
  • The auxiliary port can become loose.

The QFX Retro-100 Retro Collection Bluetooth AM/FM Radio is a radio done in vintage style. The radio comes with volume, tuning, and an on/off switch with AM/FM radio selection. The speaker would not look out of place in a 1950s era home because of its faux wood design and silver cloth speaker grill.


The material of the radio is a poly-carbonate painted a brown colour that looks like an old wooden radio. The old-style knobs are silver and adjust seamlessly like the more classical models once did. The radio dial has the old red mark to indicate what station you are listening too and it easily glides between them as you change the channels.


The classical radio comes with the more modern Bluetooth capabilities. The Bluetooth will connect to any device that comes with Bluetooth so you can stream your music from any app you want. While the speaker is working, an LED indicator light glows gently from the radio with the radio dial lit to show the AM/FM tuner.

The radio comes with a 120 Volt power supply that is AC power and a USB charging port that makes charging the radio easy to do with any USB port. The radio is light at only a little over four pounds, and it fits conveniently into small spaces.


Stars: three-out-of-five stars


  • The radio has a USB port for connecting hardware and charging.
  • The QFX has a line-in port to connect additional hardware that is not Bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth for the radio has a strong connection.


  • The knobs are plastic.
  • The Bluetooth can have trouble syncing.

The Dosmix Wireless Stereo Retro Speakers a round retro 1950's styled radio. The radios come in similar 1950s style colours, including black, white, brown, light blue, light green, and light pink. The radios come in a round style reminiscent of little lock-radios complete with a large silver dial to select the radio station of your choosing.


The radio is wireless-ready to stream all kinds of media directly through your radio. The radio is small and as portable as you would want it to be. The radio design includes a USB cable to charge the battery when it is charging as the battery is a 400mAh lithium battery. The radio comes ready to sync with all manner of smart devices from your Smartphone or tablet to Amazon's Alexa.

The radio's most unique feature is its ability to stream your phone calls. The stereo comes with its handy button to answer your phone on the front of the radio interface. The buttons to answer the phone and advance the tracks of the streaming music are silver, making them blend with the classical elegance of the rest of the radio.


Stars: Four-and-a-half stars


  • The radio comes ready to stream all kinds of media.
  • The Dosmix radio can stream your phone calls.
  • The radio can pick up most local radio stations.


  • The battery life could be better.
  • The radio's cable range is short.

The GGMM M3 WiFi Bluetooth Speaker, Smart WiFi Speaker, looks like the classical speakers of yester-year with a choice of black, caramel, coffee, and redwood cabinet casing. The speaker also has a metallic stainless CNC steel cover to hold the speakers with wire meshing to protect the speakers themselves from dust and debris that can fall in them.


The speaker has hand-crafted microfiber leather wrapped around the speakers. The speakers use high-density wood to help the music resonate inside the speaker. The vibration control is excellent to produce the sound quality with vibration-proofing made to help air flow freely through the speakers.


The GGMM speaker has a powerful WiFi and Bluetooth connection that syncs with your home router, the internet, or your media music library as you choose. The speaker has WiFi Airplay, which is compatible with the wireless 2.4G WiFi connection, which can help the music travel through speakers set up in all the rooms of your home. The radio also comes with Auxiliary connection to help you stream your hometown music.

The sound produced from the speakers is a deep and strong bass with a 3D stereo surround sound intensity. The music is distortion-free, clear, and loud because of the quality of the speaker. A battery does not come in the speaker, but it can charge through the USB port.


Stars: Four-out-of-Five Stars


  • The Speaker comes ready to sync with the Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.
  • The GGMM speaker produces distortion-free sound.
  • The music produces 3D stereo surround sound.


  • The wireless connectivity could be stronger.
  • The radio does not work on Windows 10.

The Victrola Wall Mounted Bluetooth Speaker looks like an old-school jukebox seen in diners across the United States during the golden age of music. The wall-mounted speaker even has the classic red colour mixed into the wood mahogany panelling decoration. The speaker has a soft Gray fabric protecting the speaker from damage while giving a soft touch to the entire unit.


The radio might look classical, but it comes with built-in Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. The radio requires no cords and comes with a built-in battery that lasts up to fourteen hours on a single charge — the radio charges with a regular USB cable. The radio syncs with most regular home smart devices, including the Amazon Echo and your smartphone.

The speaker produces ten watts of sound power, which is enough sound to fill a regular-sized room. The speaker also comes in with a built-in A/C adaptor to help charge your radio. When the speaker is playing, the entire unit glows like an old fashioned jukebox.


Stars: Four-out-of-five stars


  • The Victrola Speaker is solid mahogany wood.
  • The radio has built-in Bluetooth and a wireless connection so you can stream your music collection.
  • The radio glows while it plays.


  • The radio mounts on the wall as it comes without a stand.
  • The port for the USB cord can become loose.

The Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker comes in 1950s style colours of light blue, army green, and bright green. The vintage speaker has an oblong shape that makes the stainless steel grill covering the speaker stand out prominently with the large dial for the volume on top. There are four other speakers to turn on/off the speaker, connect to WiFi, and skip tracks forward or back with a handle on either side to make moving the speaker easy.


The speaker may look vintage is design and colour, but it comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology that is completely wireless. The speaker has an enhanced bass system with a specially designed speaker in combination with the technology that comes out the back of the speaker. The speaker produces deep rich tones through the speaker's Base Enhancement system that helps the sound have the quality you want.

The speaker has an extra-large diaphragm in the back of the speaker that produces the deep, rich bass. The diaphragm takes up a good portion of the tiny speaker that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The speaker produces ten watts with 2000mAh in sound. The battery is completely rechargeable, with up to six hours of music playing time before the battery requires charging.


Stars: Four-and-a-half stars


  • The speaker may be small, but it produces an amazingly loud sound.
  • The vintage speaker is easy to sync with your phone or other smart devices.
  • The speaker is compatible with Alexa.


  • The speaker does not alter you when the battery is low.
  • The battery can damage with overcharging.

The Prunus M-160BT Retro Bluetooth Speaker is sleek and classical in appearance with and red case or gold case. The speaker has a large golden dial to help pick up your local radio stations. The speaker also comes with an antenna, also gold, and on/off switch, AM/FM dial, and buttons to help you search through your playlist. The speaker comes with a charging USB port, an Auxiliary port, and a DC 5V port.


The speaker has a DSP chip to help with radio reception with two hundred seventy degrees of tuning to pick up those hard to reach channels. The antenna for the radio goes up twenty-one cm to added signal strength. When the radio is one, a warm glow comes from the tuning window.


The radio comes ready to support flash drives and TF cards of music up to thirty-two GB. The speaker can also connect to MP3 players, and you can play your music through the radio when connected to your MP3 player. The speakers themselves are magnetic with excellent bass production with a light and smooth treble.

The speaker comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that is 1200mAH with hours of life in it. With the USB port, the speaker can connect to your car or your computer to play music or charge. The speaker comes with an indicator light that turns off once the battery reaches full.


Stars: Four-out-of-five stars.


  • The speaker connects with your MP3 player, computer, or car to sync music.
  • The speaker comes with a charging indicator light.
  • The speaker has a long battery life between charges.


  • The battery stops working if overcharged.
  • The volume control could be higher.

The AmazonBasics Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker is an elegant vintage-inspired speaker. The speaker has a gold grill covering the speaker. The speaker comes in a warm polished wood casing that offsets the gold of the grill and the gold of the control panel. The control panel allows you to control the treble and bass as well as connect USB ports or an auxiliary jack.


The AmazonBasics speaker comes with Bluetooth, ready for seamless wireless music streaming. The speaker is small and powerful as it produces forty watts of intense and quality sound. The speaker can charge through the USB port while playing music. The speaker is perfect for sitting on a kitchen counter or in a living room and blending into the background until the music flows forth.

The controls are intuitive to use with multiple ways to connect all kinds of smart devices to stream music through this powerful speaker. The speaker comes with a one-year limited warranty in case of problems.


Stars: Four-out-of-five stars


  • The speaker comes with forty watts of musical power.
  • The Amazonbasics speaker looks like a classical speaker with its gold and wood highlights.
  • The speaker comes to Bluetooth, ready for syncing.


  • The speaker doesn't sync with the echo.
  • The speaker can go into standby mode when it is not playing.

The Ohhai Bluetooth Speakers come in black walnut or white wood finishing. The speaker comes with a silver control dial to tune in your favorite radio station. The speaker comes with multiple controls for skipping through tracks or connecting external media players to sync music through them.


The speaker comes Bluetooth with 4.0 Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth is ready to help you stream media through your speaker from your Smartphone or other smart devices such as the Echo Dot. The speaker syncs quickly and seamlessly with all your smart devices in seconds to save on power and time between the silence of a room and a room full of quality music.


The Ohhai speaker features a built-in battery feature designed to quick charge while lasting a long time on that single charge. The battery in the speaker is a 1800mAh lithium battery that offers up to ten hours of music playing.

The speaker produces superior base sound streamed through the seventy-five-millimetre speaker. The tones resonate in the speaker to produce a clear and clean sound. Dual stereo sound channels are part of the speaker, combined with an enhanced sub-woofer.


Stars: Four-out-of-five stars


  • The speaker syncs seamlessly with all smart devices, including the Echo Dot.
  • The Ohhai speaker has ten hours of playback time.
  • The speaker has enhanced FM radio.


  • The speaker has a flashing blue light on the front to indicate that it is on.
  • The speaker does not have a strong Bluetooth or wireless connection.

Choosing The Best Vintage and Retro Bluetooth Speakers - The Ultimate Buying Guide

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker can be a headache. There are so many styles to choose from with different types of software and options available. It is hard to know which one is the best to choose that will fit your home and your life.

What is a Retro or Vintage Bluetooth Speaker?

A retro or vintage Bluetooth speaker has the appearance of a speaker from an earlier generation mixed with the technology of today. A retro speaker will come with multiple ways to sync your smart devices to the speaker to play music. They may even come with the ability to pick up the local radio stations as the radios of yesterday did.

What Should You Look for in A Retro Bluetooth Speaker?

A quality speaker has many components that go into its manufacturing. They vary between brands and specifications, and while there is no right way to make a speaker, the quality of sound produced in the long-term can change.

  • Sound Production

The sound produced by a speaker has to reproduce the quality of each tone faithfully. The Frequency response is the range of frequencies your speaker should be able to reproduce within the range of human hearing. You will want a speaker that can produce as wide a range as possible.

Every speaker produces certain frequencies that are softer or louder than other frequencies. You should want to have as faithful audio reproduction as possible with the largest range. Having an extensive range will indicate the quality and strength of the speaker.

  • Sound Design

What the composition of the speaker is mattes. The design of the internal components for aid in the projection of sound. The shape of the speaker is a cone that is a variety of materials. For example, it is common for the cone to be polypropylene, aluminium, paper, or even ceramic or glass fibre polymer.

The difference in the materials will help with the longevity of the speaker. It will also indicate how the production of sound occurs. The cone shape of the speaker helps move air through the speaker producing sounds. Some types of sounds will cause the cons to flex in its production. You will want as little flex as possible for accurate sound reproduction.

How the circuits crossover can help determine the quality of sound, you will hear. Your speaker will have at least one driver that will determine the frequencies produced. High treble frequencies go through a tweeter, and the lower bass frequencies come out of a woofer. Every driver the speaker will produce a range of frequencies with multiple drivers producing a larger amount of frequencies.

  • Quality Manufacturing

You will want the entire speaker to be of quality manufacturing inside and out. The side components come with quality drivers, copper components, and the shape and make of the cone. The outside components, if you are recreating a vintage speaker, should be a high-grade plastic or solid wood manufacturing.

The dials should be metal or a high-grade plastic as well and should be solid manufacturing. The combination of the outer quality with the inner circuits should work together to produce sounds that will do your music collection justice.

  • Bluetooth and Software

Bluetooth is required to make the speaker sync with your devices. The Bluetooth and any accompanying software should be able to connect to your specific type of smart device you want to use. The Bluetooth needs to have strength enough to remain connected if you move it around your home or if you choose to take it outside.

One of the biggest complaints about any new device is the software that comes with it. There will be bugs that will require multiple patches to fix and give users a headache until the manufacturer has fixed them. Some of the Bluetooth speakers come with its software, and while they specify what kinds of devices work best, not all are covered. You need to make sure you are purchasing a device that is compatible with your devices.

  • Warranty

As with any device you are looking to invest money into, it should come with a warranty of at least a year. Having a warranty will give you peace of mind as well as a way to get help should something go wrong with your speaker. Most speakers should have a manufacturer's warranty or one with a thirty-day return policy if there are any problems.


Picking the right speaker is a matter of understanding what is available in today's market. They come in varying degrees of quality with all kinds of features that can make streaming music fun and enjoyable. Looking at all the available options, you will be able to make an informed decision that will satisfy your needs.

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