Upgrade Your Mobile Workstation With the Best Solar Keyboard

Upgrading Your High-Tech Lifestyle

Whether you're in a career field that involves using technology on a regular basis or you have a hobby that requires using computers, upgrading your gear will make everything easier. If you're using old technology to work on projects, you are limited in the types of activities that you're able to complete. Additionally, using old technology for a hobby will make it more difficult to put projects together.

All types of people that use technology will benefit from upgrading to sophisticated high-tech gear. Take time to look at what types of new keyboards are on the market by reading this article.

As new technology develops, the gear that professionals use to complete projects continues to evolve. Professionals are using new technology to get their work done in a faster, more efficient manner. Taking time to research new technology will pay off in the amount of time you’ll save in the future.

With the new keyboards mentioned in this article, you will save time on charging your gear. You won't drain your external power banks while charging a USB powered keyboard, and you'll look more professional in front of clients and coworkers when you use a sophisticated keyboard on projects. Additionally, you'll feel more confident working out new ideas on a piece of technology that won't die due to a low battery life.

Creating a Mobile Tech Workstation

When you are completing projects on a deadline, you'll need to have confidence that your gear will keep running as long as you need it to work. While a mobile workstation isn't necessary for every type of project, it's a luxury that many people enjoy. It's nice to be able to break away from working in a tiny office space.

The office is a great place to find peace and quiet for many professionals, but working in a sterile office environment could limit the capabilities of your creativity. If you need a way to spice up your daily routine, then it's time for you to pick up the necessary gear to do your job on the go.

A mobile workstation is a new development that empowers many creative individuals to keep working on projects without feeling stuck inside of an office. Computers haven't always been so versatile. We're lucky to be alive in an age where computing devices are small enough to fit inside of a backpack.

You need to do research to find the best deals on new gear to keep working at your craft. A few decades ago, computers were too heavy to bring along to do work at a remote location. However, technology has improved to give plenty of options to the tech workers of today.

This article covers the types of people who will benefit from upgrading their mobile workstation with a new solar keyboard. Before we get into finer details, we'll give you our list of the top keyboards (with links for where to purchase these products on Amazon). Lastly, we'll compare the best keyboards available on the market today, and we'll provide the details that make these devices worth purchasing.

Our Top Rated Solar Keyboard

#1st Rated
Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

Logitech’s K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

#2nd Rated
Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

Arteck’s 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

#3rd Rated
Macally Wireless Solar Keyboard

Macally’s Wireless Solar Keyboard

1. Logitech’s K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard- Top Pick for 2020

This wireless keyboard is solar powered to last up to three months on one charge. The Logitech K750 is super thin, so it will easily fit inside of your backpack without a problem.

Crafting words for a living used to involve operating a heavy typewriter to get the job done. However, writers of today are able to work from any location they choose to occupy. If you upgrade your mobile workstation with a solar powered keyboard, you'll be able to write in nature.

The great outdoors will inspire your poetic sensibilities. If you like to write in remote locations, you'll be able to take your work with you to your favorite quiet spot. Travel writers will enjoy the ease of having a keyboard that doesn't require batteries because it will leave more room in their backpacks for essential items.

​Ideal for Writers, Journalists, Etc


  • Thin design makes this keyboard great for travel
  • It charges with the power of the sun, so you won't need to carry around batteries
  • The K750 uses a USB device to connect to your computer
  • The receiving device stays plugged into your computer while you are using it, so your connection should remain uninterrupted


  • it relies upon a receiver that must be plugged into your computer. Therefore, you might not be able to use this keyboard on your tablet or other devices that lack a USB port

2. Arteck’s 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard is stainless steel and ultra thin. It’s full size, so you have all the benefits of a standard keyboard, including a numeric keypad. The manufacturers claim that the battery life will last a long time: up to six months (considering you're only using the keyboard for two hours per day).

Since teachers of every discipline demand papers from students, it's necessary for students to have the ability to work on projects from any location. Being bound to a desktop computer at home is a major obstacle that will cause the student to generate unsatisfactory work.

If you are struggling to complete assignments at home, you will benefit from having the ability to work on projects from remote locations. A keyboard of this type gives you the freedom to do your work from anywhere in the world. If you are going on vacation, you won't have to worry about falling behind in your studies. As long as you're going somewhere that has sunlight, you will have a keyboard that has power to get you through the toughest assignments.

Perfect for Students of All Ages


  • Even though the six month charge is only for using the keyboard for two hours each day, six months is a long time to go without charging it
  • The solar panels make it so this keyboard will charge without any effort on your part
  • the housing of this keyboard is metal, so it's durable enough to survive traveling through rough conditions


  • this keyboard requires a receiver to use it with your computer
  • A nano receiver comes with the keyboard, and it's supposed to be easy to use. However, you will run into trouble trying to insert a USB device into a tablet

3. Macally’s Wireless Solar Keyboard

This keyboard is perfect for Mac users. It's designed to work with Mac computers, Apple MacBooks, Pro/Air Laptops, and Mac's Mini/Pro.

People love to be outdoors, and many nature enthusiasts need to keep their technology with them to work on projects or hobbies. If you're going camping in the great outdoors, you might want to bring a device with you to work on a project in a remote location. Battery powered keyboards are a hassle, and the batteries required to work from anywhere will cost a lot of money.

Take advantage of this new technology that grants you the freedom to experience the thrilling beauty of the great outdoors. Let the beauty of nature inform your creative process. You'll get your work done in a peaceful setting, and you'll be able to unwind in nature with a wonderful new solar powered keyboard under your fingertips.

Great for Nature Enthusiasts


  • This sleek keyboard is wireless and solar powered
  • specifically designed with Mac users in mind
  • There are 21 keyboard shortcuts on this device to make it easy to navigate around your computer


  •  A USB receiver is required to use this device
  • it might work with a Windows computer, but this isn't recommended because many of the features of the keyboard won't be available

4. Jelly Comb’s Full Size Solar Keyboard

This keyboard is a full size solar model that's designed to work with Windows. This is a solar powered keyboard that also receives power from electronic light sources.

The long journey from home to the other side of the world leaves plenty of downtime to work on important projects. Along with the advanced computing power packed in your suitcase, you'll have everything you need to prepare the projects that are important to your business.

If you love traveling, you'll love having the ability to keep your keyboard working without the batteries that inferior models require. Carrying around batteries for your keyboard is a hassle that you can avoid if you choose to upgrade your mobile workstation. Instead of carrying around a box of batteries for your keyboard, you'll have room in your suitcase for the essentials that make your trip more enjoyable.

Perfect for Travel Lovers


  • The keys on this keyboard are ergonomically designed to help with typing
  • This keyboard is lightweight
  • it has ABS metallic paint that makes it more durable than other models.


  • It's not made for Mac users
  • charging time isn't listed by the manufacturer

Why Use a Solar Powered Keyboard?

The main reason why people purchase solar powered keyboards today is because of the ability to work without having to charge the device. Furthermore, many of the battery powered keyboards available today will perform wonderfully with your computer or tablet, but you may experience some unfortunate scenarios where the keyboard won't connect. Battery powered keyboards that use wireless technology to connect to your computer or tablet are difficult to work with because you have to monitor the battery life of the keyboard.

Rechargeable keyboards create another obstacle that you will have to worry about when working remotely. Keeping your laptop or tablet charged is necessary to work on your projects. You shouldn't have to monitor the battery life of a keyboard in addition to other technology that you're using. Using a keyboard that’s powered by the sun means that you won't have to worry about charging it the night before you plan to do work.

Keyboards that are solar powered don't require long cables to operate, and you won't need a handful of batteries in order to connect to your device. These types of keyboards come equipped with their own solar panels. Small solar panels are located on the top of each keyboard to help keep these devices working perfectly.

Each brand of keyboard comes with different directions to keep it powered. Charging times may vary with each keyboard, so be sure to research how long the keyboard needs to charge before purchasing one for yourself.

Types of Solar-Powered Keyboards

USB Keyboards:

These types of keyboards may require a cable to connect to your device. Be sure to research whether your device will work with a USB keyboard before purchasing one of these types. USB keyboards work with desktop computers, laptops, and some other similar devices. Some tablets require a wireless connection in order to use a keyboard.

The cable might get in the way, so it's worth considering whether a wireless keyboard is something that will make your life easier. Although you might find some solar powered keyboards with wires, many of the solar powered types use a wireless signal or USB to connect to devices. The benefit of using a USB keyboard is that it's usually easier to provide a connection instead of relying upon a wireless Bluetooth signal.

Wireless Keyboards:

If you're tired of seeing wires all over your desk, then you should consider finding a keyboard that transmits a wireless signal to your device. A wireless signal relays from the keyboard to your device in order to input information into word processors and other programs. Sometimes, this type of technology relies upon Bluetooth capabilities, so it's worth researching whether your device has Bluetooth technology.

You might like having a wireless keyboard because of the lack of cables, but this type of technology requires patience. You'll need to figure out how to connect your device to the keyboard through system preferences. This information should be available within the user manual of the keyboard that you purchase.

Windows Or Mac:

While many keyboards are compatible with both operating systems, it's worth noting whether the keyboard will work with your device before you make the purchase. If you are using both types of operating systems to do your work, you should invest in a keyboard that will connect to both Windows and Mac. It's also worth noting that some of the features of your standard keyboard might not be available if you are using a keyboard for the wrong platform.

For instance, you might not have the Windows key on a keyboard that is designed for Mac. You'll find more information regarding choosing a keyboard that’s compatible with your operating system in this guide, and it should be available through the manufacturer's website because it's a common question that users experience.

Full Size & Numeric Pad:

You might be satisfied with being able to type while traveling throughout the world, but you should note that there is a substantial difference between full size keyboards and those with limited capabilities. A small keyboard will cause your hands to cramp if you are doing a lot of typing on it. You might have trouble hitting your optimum words per minute on a small keyboard.

However, there are some great full size keyboards available that have the ability to charge using sunlight. It's also worth noting whether the keyboard has a numeric pad. If you're typing a lot of numbers, having a numeric pad is essential.

Why Business Leaders Choose These Products

Corporate executives and other types of business people have to work on projects while traveling. The presentation might already be complete before you leave for the airport, but you might want to work on adding some finer details to your slideshow before you settle into an important meeting.

Being able to work on projects in remote locations will enable you to produce better results because you won't feel bound to a desktop in an office. You'll be able to improve important projects for your company, and you won't have to worry about your keyboard's batteries needing to be replaced when you use a keyboard that's powered by sunlight.

Why These Keyboards Are Perfect for Computer Programmers

You might feel like your job is boring because you work in an office all day, but you could try taking your projects out to a public setting. If you upgrade to a mobile workstation with a keyboard that's solar powered, you will be able to sit out in a park to do work.

You’ll be enjoying more sunlight and fresh air, and your creativity will flow better when you feel like you have the freedom to work from anywhere. Working on designing websites and other computer related jobs is easier than ever when you have the ability to work from remote locations.

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