Best Ski Bags With and Without Wheels

Your ski equipment is definitely not cheap, so why would you not store your skiing gear in a protective bag that helps to keep them in tip top shape? Whether you’re planning on travelling or simply storing away your gear, it’s important that you keep your skiing equipment protected, and having a ski bag can do that.

But the market for bags is extremely diverse, making it difficult to find a bag that’s suitable for your specific purposes. That being said, here is a guide that can help you to find the best ski bags both with and without wheels. Here you’ll find some of the most vital information to consider before purchasing as well as some of the best ski bags with and without wheels on the market.

Our Top Rated Ski Bags With and Without Wheels

#1st Rated
300W Portable Generator

Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo

#2nd Rated

Demon United New Phantom Slight Snowboard Travel Bag

#3rd Rated
Select Sportbags Double SKI Bag with Wheels

Select Sportbags Double Ski Bag

1. Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo - Top Pick for 2020

Athletico is perhaps one of the most well-known brands on the market with a high reputation for producing top quality ski equipment and gear. With this two-piece set, you get a ski sleeve as well as a boot bag all within the same purchase. You don’t have to worry about the padding with this bag, since it comes with five millimeters of just foam padding that can help to protect your ski gear during your travel.

In addition to that, this is the best ski bag for air travel because it’s extremely easy to carry. There is a handle located on the exterior of the bag that’s specifically made for carrying long distances. And there are also shoulder straps that can be attached and detached whenever you’re not using them.

Furthermore, this bag offers a universal fit for practically all skiing equipment on the market. Measuring up to 200 cm in length, you have the ability to adjust the overall length of the bag to fit your skis perfectly. There is also enough room for you to pack your other gear in the boot bag, including your gloves, hat, goggles and your boots.


  • Adjustable length
  • Comes with a boot bag as well as a ski bag
  • 5 mm of foam padding
  • Made with 600 denier polyester


  • The bag isn’t very wide, so you may have difficulty fitting some mountain or powder skis

2. Demon United New Phantom Slight Snowboard Travel Bag

If you’re looking for a high quality roller ski bag, then this one is beneficial for you. It’s produced with a thick 1,680 denier fabric on its exterior that can prevent any holes or tears from developing. Not only that, but the thick outer shell is also made from a waterproof polyester fabric that can help to protect your gear from getting wet on the inside.

In order to offer easy portability, this bag features various different modes for transportation, including should straps, carry handles and even a tow handle for when you’re using the wheels. The wheels themselves are constructed with a high quality design. They’re classified as rubberized all-terrain wheels that have high speed bearings in order to ensure that you can pull the bag for long distances without the wheels malfunctioning or breaking.

Moreover, this bag from Demon United is great for air travel because it has a thick padding throughout the entire bag’s construction. There is full padding along the top, bottom and sides of the bag, so you don’t have to worry about your gear developing damage when the luggage handlers throw your bag around at the airport.


  • High quality construction, with all-around padding and 1680 denier fabric 
  • Easy to carry, featuring multiple straps and handles
  • All-terrain, high speed bearing wheels


  • Even though it fits practically any board, some customers found it difficult to pack their boards inside

3. Select Sportbags Double Ski Bag with Wheels

For a ski travel bag that accommodates for extra padding and support, the Select Sportbags’ Double Ski Bag is able to fit up to two skis in it at one time. It measures a total of 190 cm, so you’re able to fit almost all types of skis in this bag. Regarding protection, this travel bag features thick padding all around the entire construction, which is great for either air travel or even road traveling.

Not only are you able to fit two skis into the bag measuring less than 190 cm, but you’re also able to fit ski poles in there as well. The main compartment is fully padded, and there is even a padded divider that can be used to protect each individual ski at the same time.

Furthermore, you can easily carry this bag with you during your travels, since it comes with compression straps and quick release buckles. Even more than that, there are two extra-long webbing handles with padded closures and a webbing handle on the end of the construction for ease when taking the bag out of your car.


  • Available in different colors, including Red, Blue and Black 
  • Comes with various different handles for easy portability and comfort
  • Has all-around padding to support two skis as well as two poles


  • The fabric in the construction isn’t as durable as other bags’ fabric

4. Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Bag for Skis

Compared to the other models on this list, this Element Equipment bag offers a high quality construction for an affordable price. Not only does this bag offer optimal personalization with its availability in a wide range of colors, but it offers more than enough space for you to fit additional ski gear.

You even have the ability to choose which size bag you want for your purposes. More specifically, the sizes available are either a 175 cm bag or a 190 cm one.

Even more than that, the bag itself is constructed with a 600 denier polyester material that’s coated with PVC in order to offer waterproof properties. It features a reinforced construction that has double stitching, a waterproof liner as well as burly carry handles.

Lastly, this bag can fit up to one pair of skis as well as additional space for ski clothes, gloves, hats and other gear.


  • Affordable
  • Reinforced construction
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Zipper doesn’t go all the way to the end of the bag, making it difficult to pack longer skis in

5. TurnWay Ski/Snowboard Waterproof Bag

Also offering a higher quality construction at an affordable price is the waterproof bag from Turn Way. This bag is highly recommended for anyone as a budget option, since it’s one of the most affordable bags, while also not reflecting the cheaper price within the quality.

The overall construction of the bag is capable of holding skis measuring up to 215 cm, which is far more than most other bags on the market. And you even have extra room for additional accessories, including ski clothes, poles, gloves and goggles.

In addition to that, the bag itself is made with a high denier polyester material that’s both tear resistant and waterproof. The bag’s length can even be adjusted if you have shorter skis, since you have the option of rolling the extra length at the top of the bag and locking the excess into place. This helps to keep the skis in place while you’re travelling and transporting them.

​For easy access, this bag features a full-length zipper than wraps all the way around the bag for easy packing and removing. And as far as actually transportation goes, you can easily and comfortably carry the bag with its ergonomics handles.


  • Full-length zipper for easy access 
  • Adjustable length, measuring up to 215 cm
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant polyester material


  • Only has one handle

6. Thule RoundTrip Ski Travel Bag

With its durable construction and convenient storage space, this Thule RoundTrip Ski Bag is great for all ski traveling purposes. You have the option of choosing between either a Black or a Poseidon color, and the bag itself measures 192 cm. It’s formulated with a 600 denier polyester material that offers both waterproof and tear-resistant properties, which is especially great for air traveling purposes.

Additionally, there are external compression straps that keep everything on the inside help together and in place while you’re moving the bag. And the interior of the bag contains an internal pole compartment and padding for protection.

For easy portability, there are shoulder straps that you can use for walking long distances in the snow, and you can even take them off when you’re not using them so they don’t get in the way.

Lastly, this travel bag is capable of fitting up to two pairs of skis in it, since it has a wider construction than many other ski bags on the market.


  • Fits up to 2 pairs of skis
  • Comes with padded top ski sleeves
  • Has a padded internal pole compartment to prevent scratching


  • Doesn’t come with an padded internal divider

7. Athletico Ski Rolling Double Bag

Athletico was focused on producing an all-around high quality ski bag with wheels that’s beneficial for everyone when they released the Rolling Double Bag. You not only have the option of choosing between a 175 cm bag and a 190 cm bag, but it’s wide enough to fit practically any type of skis from the industry.

Every side of this Athletico travel bag contains 10 mm of dense foam padding, which is more protection than most other bags on the market.

Equipped with internal compression straps, you can be sure that your skis and other ski gear are kept in place while you’re traveling through the airport or in your car. The internal straps even help to make sure that skis of all sizes will be kept in place and safe throughout the whole trip, since smaller ounces tend to move around more often when they’re in a loose bag.

Furthermore, this Ahtletico rolling travel bag features a durable wheel construction, containing wheels that have an all-weather tarpaulin bottom on them. The bag itself also accommodates for maximum durability, since it’s made with a 600 denier water-resistant polyester material on the outside shell. Even more than that, this bag features a thermal lining that gives it even more waterproof and durable qualities while its in transit.


  • Heavy-duty wheels with all-weather tarpaulin bottoms
  • 10 mm of dense foam padding all around the entire bad
  • Several internal compression straps to keep all of your gear in place


  • Heavier than most other bags, since the durable construction contains heavier materials

8. Eagle Creek No Matter What Flashpoint Travel Duffel Bag

Made from nylon and bi-tech fabric, the Eagle Creek Travel Duffel Bag for skiing features a slick, lightweight and durable design. You have the option of choosing between either a large wheeled bag or an extra large wheeled bag with this set, and there are even multiple colors that you can choose from as well.

There are Black bags available in addition to Red, Blue and Gray as well. The overall design of the bag features a 100% nylon materiel, which is different than most other ski bags.

The nylon material is more beneficial for these types of wheeled duffel bags because it’s more lightweight while still offering the durable and tear-resistant properties that ski travel bags need. The external shell is made from a bi-tech fabric that gives the bag all-weather abilities, since it’s water-resistant and tear-resistant. There is even tough webbing and a strategic seam that’s located in areas that are more susceptible to experiencing stress.

In addition to that, this bag features treaded wheels that are capable of traveling easily through most textured surfaces. The tread has a protective wheel housing and a durable kick plate for smooth operation. If you’re planning on carrying the bag for long distances through the snow, then this bag is beneficial for those purposes, since it has removable shoulder pads as well as an anti-slip plate that keeps the bag secure against your back.

Lastly, this bag is great for storage when you’re not using it for travel. More specifically, this bag has a collapsible design that can compress into a smaller design for storing it under your bed or in smaller spaces within the closet


  • Collapsible design that stores anywhere
  • Anti-slip back plate for secure fit against your back while traveling
  • Treaded wheels with protective housing


  • More expensive than most other ski travel bags on the market

9. Athletico Ski Mogul Padded Bag

This padded mogul bag is yet another classic design from Athletico, and it features a fully-padded construction that’s built to last. There is thick padding throughout the whole bag, so you can use this travel bag for carrying skis either in your car or on the plane. The external material itself is classified as 600 denier polyester fabric that’s both water and tear-resistant.

For actually carrying the bag, you can use the ergonomical handles that are padded just for your comfort. And you can easily access the entirety of the bag through the full-length zipper, which is great for longer or thinner skis.

Some other travel bags for skiing on the market only have zippers that go so far along the bag’s construction, making it difficult to pack and unpack your skis. So having a full-length zipper like this one saves you time and frustration.

Moreover, there is additional room in this bag for extra ski gear if you need it. You can even fit your helmet, ski poles, ski clothes and your goggles in the side compartments of the bag. Since the bag is padded all around, you can even be sure that your gear receives the protection that it needs as well.


  • Affordable 
  • Full-length zipper for easy access
  • Carrying handles are padded for extra comfort


  • Not suitable for longer skis, since it only measures up to 185 cm

10. Zipline Ski Padded Wheel Bag

The Ski Padded Wheel Bag from Zipline is classified as the best ski bag with wheels because it has a durable design and can fit a range of ski gear equipment. The bag itself measures 180 cm, so it can fit skis or snowboards within the bag that are at most 180 cm.

In addition to that, this bag also comes with two pockets that allow you to fit your ski boots and other ski gear into. This prevents you from having to go and purchase an extra ski boot bag.

Moreover, this bag is produced with high quality zippers that are self-healing. Not only that, but there are extra-large buckles for easy access, and there’s even extra wide nylon webbing that adds both durability and protection to your gear inside the bag.

When you’re searching for any bags for ski gear that have wheels, it’s important that you consider the quality of the wheels first. And the wheels on this bag are made with a high quality and durable construction, since they’re made from over-sized skateboard quality wheels.


  • Fits either skis or snowboards
  • Has 2 internal pockets for additional gear
  • Comes with over-sized wheels and self-healing zippers


  • One of the more expensive bags on the market

How to Choose the Best Ski Bags: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Wheeled vs Non-wheeled

When you’re browsing the market for ski bags, you’ll notice that there are ones to choose from that have wheels and ones that don’t have wheels. Whether you want one with wheels or not ultimately comes down to personal preference, but there are a few things that you should consider about both of them in order to make a more informed decision.

Wheeled ski bags tend to be more expensive than other types, since they take more time and more resources to produce. Not only that, but they’re also more heavy weight too. They usually have a hard frame that the wheels are attached to, making the bag weigh more than ones that are simply produced with fabric.

Wheeled bag do ease off the weight that you have to carry though, making them more beneficial for transporting through air travel. They’re easier to handle and only require that you pull them behind you like a suitcase while you’re walking.

If you’re purchasing wheeled bags for skiing, then you’ll want to make sure that you consider the overall construction and quality of the wheels. You don’t want wheels that don’t have any tread and will get caught or develop damage overtime. You should find high quality wheels with a kick plate and easy manoeuvrability as well.

On the other hand, non-wheeled bags are beneficial for more lightweight purposes. They’re easier to handle, in that they usually have shoulder straps and other padded carrying handles that give you the ability to easily carry the bag on your back and through the snow. This makes them especially great for travelling on the road, since they feature many handles for easy storage and accessibility in the car.

Given that they don’t require as many materials to make and they’re more lightweight, non-wheeled bags for skiing tend to be less expensive. So you’ll ultimately save time and money by using ones with no wheels.

How often do you ski?

You may find it beneficial to consider how often you’re going to travel for ski trips before you purchase a certain bag. If you’re a beginner and simply looking for a bag that will protect your ski gear while you’re traveling in the car or on the plane, then maybe a more basic bag with simple features and available at an affordable price is more sufficient for you.

But if you’ve been skiing for years and you’re looking for something that’s more durable and will protect the gear that you’ve spent large sums of money on, then you’ll want a bag that has a higher quality construction. Regardless, skiing gear isn’t cheap, so it’s vital that you find a bag offering the most protection against scratches, dents or breaks.

How are You Travelling?

Are you planning on travelling through an airport and on a plane, or are you taking a road trip to the mountains or ski resort for your trip? This is an important consideration when it comes to choosing your ski travel bag because different bags can offer varying levels of protection and convenience during your travelling excursions.

For instance, if you’re going on a plane, you’ll want a lightweight bag that won’t cost a large sum just to get through the airport. But you’ll also want one with wheels so you don’t have to carry a heavy bag through the airport on your back. You should also have one that’s more durable, since the luggage handlers aren’t too careful when dealing with bags, so your ski equipment risks developing damage.

But if you’re traveling in your car and on a road trip, you may not need as durable of a construction as air travel. But you’ll want one that is compact enough to fit in your car’s trunk or the backseat. If you’re doing car travel, then you’ll ultimately want one that contains handles for easy access when packing and unpacking your car.


It’s also important to think about what size travel bag you need for your skis. Are you looking to carry both snowboards and skis in the same bag, or just one type over the other? Furthermore, you should think about how many pairs of skis you’re planning on carrying.

Some bags give you the ability to carry double pairs of skis at the same time, which saves you more money and is more space-efficient rather than purchasing and carrying two separate bags.

Even if you’re just carrying one pair of skis, you’ll want to make sure that the ski travel bag is long and wide enough for yours. Measure the width and the length of the skis and find a bag that’s both long and wide enough to transport your gear. Some bags on the market even have adjustable lengths, so you can alter the size to accommodate just for your skis in particular.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing


Perhaps one of the most important things to consider before purchasing a ski travel bag is the amount of padding that it offers. The padding is ultimately what provides the majority of the protection from scratches, dents and breaks, so it’s important that the ski travel bags have a decent amount of padding.

Most high quality bags offer padding all around the bag’s construction in order to offer the most protection. But even more so, you’ll want bags that have padded dividers for the different types of gear that you have. The dividers prevent the skis from hitting each other while you’re carrying the bag.


The casing is also important to consider because it ultimately determines how durable the bag is. You can either choose hard or soft casing. Hard casing is usually bulkier and provides more protection, so it’s more suitable for air travel. But it’s also more expensive and heavier.

On the other hand, soft casing is more lightweight and flexible, meaning that you can still provide just as much protection for your gear as harder casing bags. If you’re going for a soft bag, then you’ll want one that has at least 600 denier fabric to ensure waterproof and tear-resistant features.

Straps and Handles

Lastly, considering the amount of straps and handles that the bag has is important as well. Compression straps help to keep your skiing gear in place while the bag is moving around during travel. You should find a bag that has both internal and external straps, but internal ones are of the most importance.

Equally as important, you’ll need various handles for easy handling. You don’t want a bag that has to be dragged and barely has one handle for awkward holding. High quality bags for skiing will mostly have a carrying handle and shoulder straps at least (2).


Overall, it’s important that you provide your ski gear with the protection that it needs while you’re travelling. Ski travelling bags can help to not only keep your gear protected from scratches and other damages, but it can also make for easy carrying when you’re walking through the airport or across the snow with your gear.

That being said, you should review the list of important information to consider before purchasing a good travel bag for your ski equipment. And you should find the best ski bag from this list either with or without the wheels on it.

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