Best Locking Liquor Cabinet

Many liquor cabinets on the market these days are made with an open design. While it may look nice, this gives an invitation to younger family members and others to take a little taste. This is the last thing you want, especially if you have a lot of expensive bottles.

There's also the chance of animals or small children knocking the bottles down and hurting themselves. To help with this, there are liquor cabinets that can be locked down. You'll be able to leave it open and unlocked while you're using it, but being able to lock it up afterwards can be a huge relief.

In addition to looking at 7 of the best locking liquor cabinets on the market, we're also going to take a look at a buying guide and some FAQs. By the end of this article, you should be able to figure out which features you want and find the best product for you and your needs.

Our Top Rated Locking Liquor Cabinet for 2020

#1st Rated

Jolly Jumper

#2nd Rated
Brunello Wine and Bar Storage Cabinet

Brunello Wine and Bar Storage Cabinet      

#3rd Rated
Barrow Wine and Bar Storage Console

Barrow Wine and Bar Storage Cabinet

1. Shiraz Wine & Bar Cabinet - Top Pick for 2020

The great thing about this cabinet is that the cabinet door revolves and turns into 2 half spheres when they are completely opened. In addition, it has 3 drawers on the top that gives you plenty of space to hold things like accessories, cloths and utensils.

Most liquor cabinets are a darker color, but this one has a nice light brown finish. With this being the case, it should look good in pretty much any room. It also comes with adjustable levels to help keep everything straight on uneven surfaces.

The locking mechanism is high-quality and helps ensure that your liquor is secure and protected.

With 4 out of 5 stars, you'll see why this cabinet is a good option and most people would recommend it.


  • The cabinet door revolves
  • It has a total of 3 drawers
  • It has a secure and durable lock


  • There isn't any wine racks
  • It's a bit smaller than it seems or looks

2. Brunello Wine and Bar Storage Cabinet 

This cabinet is very similar to another cabinet that's talked about down below, but it does have a few differences. Not only does the top expand to let you have more room, but it also expands enough to hold glasses and a decanter.

In addition, it has a black finish with undertones of red, which gives it a truly beautiful look. While the front of the cabinet looks like it has multiple small drawers, it's actually just 2 big doors with that design.

It can hold up to 20 wine bottles, has a drawer that lets you store various utensils and even has space for 18 larger wine glasses. It has a high-quality and durable lock to help ensure that all of your liquor is safe and secure.

The rating of this cabinet is 5 out of 5 stars and it's highly recommended by past customers.


  • It has castors that help move it around  
  • The top bar expands
  • It has a beautiful black finish


  • The wheels don't do well on carpet
  • It doesn't have any kind of built-in light

3. Barrow Wine and Bar Storage Cabinet

This particular product is great for those that plan on using the cabinet in many different areas of their home. Keep in mind, it doesn't have locks on the wheels, but the size of them makes it easy to move across most surfaces.

It has 2 drawers that fully extend and both have plenty of space to store various accessories. They are mounted on metal rails and can slide out relatively easily. They also have racks that can be removed and hold up to 12 extra bottles.

 Add to that the fact that you can store up to 8 wine glasses and you have a nice little liquor cabinet. Both doors have locks, so you can have a little extra security when it comes to keeping your liquor locked up.

This cabinet has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating and most of the customers are extremely happy with their purchase!


  • It has large wheels for easy moving.
  • The top is made from bronze metal
  • It comes already assembled


  • The wheels don't lock
  • The top of the bar doesn't have any kind of lip

4. Merlot Valley Wine & Bar Console

If you're looking for something that doesn't take up a lot of space and only have a small collection, then this is a great option for you. It's even shaped in a way where the back is straight and the front is curved, which gives it a more whimsical look.

In addition, the top can be completely removed, which makes it super easy to clean. While the inside doesn't have a lot of space, you can store up to 18 wine bottles and 12 wine glasses, which is perfect for those that have a small collection.

The front can easily be locked and unlocked using a skeleton key and you don't have to worry about remembering any type of codes or losing the padlock.

At 3.8 out of 5 stars, most customers of this product are happy with their purchase and recommend it to others.


  • It's small and compact  
  • It has a beautiful finish
  • The top is made from black granite


  • It doesn't have a huge amount of space.
  • There's been issues with not receiving the key

5. Rogue Valley Wine & Bar Cabinet

While this locking liquor cabinet is a little on the expensive side, it's extremely worth it. It's also quite a bit bigger than other options on this list and has a height of 73 inches and a wideness of 80 inches if you have the doors opened.

As soon as you open the doors, you'll see that the smart light automatically comes on. Towards the bottom of the cabinet, you'll see that there is a wine rack that can hold up to 28 bottles of wine and right above that is an area to hold things like various utensils.

In addition to having a wine rack and mirror on the back, you'll also see that it has 3 power outlets, which means you don't have to search for outlets close for your various cocktail appliances.

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it's easy to see why this cabinet is one of the best on the market!


  • It has built-in power outlets
  • It has a smart light
  • It has plenty of extra room


  • There have been some issues with delivery
  • Shipping takes a little longer

6. Devino Wine and Bar Cabinet

If you're looking for something that can be used as a normal piece of furniture, then this is a great option. From the outside, you'll see that it looks like a small cabinet that you find in many people's homes, but once you see the inside, you'll see how much space it really has.


While it doesn't have an extra drawer for things like utensils, it does have 2 larger drawers for 14 extra wine bottles. In all, you'll be able to store 28 different bottles and it even has a built-in bottle opener and area where the caps will be caught. With 2 locks, you'll have extra security to ensure your liquor is safe.

It has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating and most customers are very satisfied all across the board.


  • The ice sink can be easily removed 
  • It has a built-in bottle opener and cap catcher.
  • It has a beautiful finish


  • The doors don't sit very tightly together and easily pop open if they aren't locked
  • It doesn't have the greatest delivery process.

7. Lodi Display Cabinet

While this affordable cabinet might look small, it has a lot more space than what you might think. In addition to having a beautiful finish, it also has gorgeous brass knobs. The small size mixed with the wheels makes it extremely easy to move around to whatever area you need it in.

Once you open the doors, you'll see that there is so much space inside. In addition to having an extra drawer for things like utensils, it also has a top bar that completely expands.

In terms of storage, you can fit up to 28 bottles and even have space for around 18 large wine glasses. With the built in lock, you can use your key to open it up without much effort at all.

It has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating and many customers talk about how happy they are with this cabinet.


  • It has an extra drawer for various utensils 
  • It can be moved around
  • The bar top opens and expands


  • The wheels don't do very well on carpeted areas
  • The inside shelves are a bit blotchy and unevenly stained

How to Choose the Best Locking Liquor Cabinet: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Now that we've looked at the products, it's time to take a look at the buying guide. These are just a few things you should consider before buying and there are other things you might want to think about. Keep in mind, the importance of these are going to vary from person to person, so it's important to consider what's important to you.

If possible, try and think about what you want before going into the buying guide, so you can get an idea of whether or not you missed something. The most important thing is that you end up getting a cabinet that meets all of your wants and needs.


The first thing you want to consider is the type of style you want. Not only does this include design, but also the color. For starters, you'll want to figure out if you want lockable glass panes to show everything off or if you want something that looks like a normal computer cabinet.

You'll also want to consider the style of the room the cabinet will go in. You could match the style with the room to make everything more concise. If you don't mind about that, you can find something that will look nice in the room or pop to give a little bit of color.

Size of Cabinet/Designated Space

Making sure you choose the correct size of cabinet is essential. The first consideration is to think about the area where you'll have it. You want to make sure the cabinet will fit perfectly. You'll also want to think about the size of the overall room. Even if you have a designated room for it, you'll want to make sure you have some space left for those that are over having drinks with you.

The good thing is that you'll be able to see what the specifications are before you ever buy. With that being the case, it's important to measure the area before you make a purchase.

Bottle Storage

Obviously, one of the most important things about a liquor cabinet is how much bottle storage it has. Since most people keep their liquor in the original bottles, they tend to have quite a few. When considering this, not only do you want to think about how many bottles you have, but you also want to consider the sizes since some are much larger than others.

You'll also want to consider whether or not you plan on needing more space for extra bottles or whether or not you'll need extra storage for various types of accessories, like glasses or mixers.


The three main types of material you'll run into with these cabinets are: plastic, metal or wood. Plastic cabinets tend to be the cheapest and don't have as many extra features as the others. The metal ones have more than the plastic but not nearly as much as the wood. The wood cabinets tend to give you the most for your money and have a lot of extra things.

Another thing to remember is that a wooden cabinet gives you more options. For example, plastic and metal cabinets usually only come in a few different colors or options, while wooden ones have hundreds of different styles and you can choose things like wood type or stain color.

Type of Lock

Since the whole point of getting a cabinet like this is to have the lock feature, you'll want to figure out which kind of lock you want. For the most part, you'll have 3 different options, which are: a lock that can be completely removed, a lock that's built-in or a keypad lock that requires a code.

If you have a lot of expensive bottles and accessories, you'll have more security with a keypad lock. On the other hand, a removable or built-in lock is a great option for those that just need a basic level of security.

Stationary or Portable

Depending on how you'll use the cabinet, you'll want to figure out if you want it to be stationary or portable. If you're planning on using it in multiple areas around your home or yard, you'll want to get one that can be easily moved. On the other hand, if it'll be in one spot or a dedicated room, you'll want one that doesn't move and can stay put.

One thing to remember is that some cabinets will have wheels that can be locked, which means you can decide if you want it to be portable or stationary. This is great for those that aren't really sure how they'll actually use the cabinet.

Additional Features

Another consideration is what kind of additional features does the cabinet have. This can include things like extra drawers, storage space, bars that pull out, lights, built-in power outlets or even removable ice chests. The more expensive models will have more of these features, but some of the cheaper options will have a few of them.

If you can't afford a cabinet that has them all, you'll need to decide which ones you absolutely want. You might have to compromise and skip a few, but it'll be fine as long as the most important features are there.


While most of these cabinets cost a pretty penny, you don't want to get something that's going to completely break the bank. As with most furniture, the more expensive options are going to be nicer and have more features, but there should be a lockable cabinet in every budget.

The best way to figure out your options is to sit down and actually figure out what you can afford. This way, you'll only look at cabinets that meet that amount and you won't get your heart set on something that's out of your budget. Keep in mind, many businesses have sales and you might be able to find an expensive cabinet that's in your budget if it's a sale item.


One last thing you want to consider before purchasing is whether or not the cabinet is weatherproof. Depending on where you'll be using it the most, you could get away with just having it waterproof. If you'll be using it outside or on some kind of enclosed porch, you want to make sure it can stand up to any kind of weather.

On the other hand, even if you plan on using it inside 100% of the time, you should make sure it's at least waterproof because you never know what might spill all over and cause distortion or areas that start to become warped.


Before finishing up, we should go over some of the FAQs that customers have. These are only a few of the questions and there's probably more that you have that aren't answered here. If that's the case, try and do some extra research or reach out to the company to try and get them answered. If you can't seem to find the answers, you could look at real reviews from real customers to see if any of your questions are answered.

Q: What kind of lock should I get?

A: For the most part, there are 3 different kinds of locks. These are: a removable lock, a built in lock that needs a key and a keypad lock. The one you choose is mostly preference, but some do better in certain situations. For example, a keypad lock is harder to break into than a removable or built-in lock. Since it's more secure, these types would be great for those with a lot of expensive bottles and accessories. Regardless of what you choose, you want to make sure it's as secure as possible.

Q: How much storage do I need?

A: The exact amount of storage is going to be different from person to person. Not only do you want to think about how many bottles it can hold, but you want to also think about other accessories you have. If you have a lot of bottles and accessories, you'll want to find something that can easily fit everything, while also having room for additions. On the other hand, a smaller cabinet would be great for those that only have a few bottles and items.

Q: Should I get a stationary or portable cabinet?

A: This is another one of those things that's going to depend on your preferences. If you plan on having a designated room or area, you could get away with having a stationary cabinet. On the other hand, having a portable cabinet would be helpful if you plan on using it in various different rooms or areas around your home or yard. Some of the stands can have wheels that are lockable, so you can decide which mode you want to use.

Q: Does it need to be weatherproof?

A: While this will vary greatly on where you are and where you'll be using the cabinet, it's not a bad idea to have it be at least waterproof. If you plan on using it outside or an enclosed porch, you want to have it be as resistant to weather as possible. Even if it's inside, you'll want to have it be waterproof. The main reason is because you never know when you're going to spill something and you don't want to deal with warping or distortion.

Q: What is the best material?

A: Locking liquor cabinets come in many different materials, including wood, metal and plastic. While all of these are good for different situations, the material that most people prefer is wood. Not only are these cabinets more durable and sturdy, but they tend to look a lot better too. With plastic or metal, you only have a few options, but having one made of wood gives you the option of different types of wood and different colors of stain.

As you can see, all of the things in the buying guide work together in order to help you find the best product for your needs. Being able to have common questions asked can also help you with your decision. In addition, seeing 7 of the best products can help you see what other people prefer and what seems to work well. 

The best tip we can give is to really do your research and find out as much information as possible on any cabinets you're considering. You don't want to spend a bunch of money on something that makes your problems worse instead of improving them!

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