Five Top Rated Cabinet Saws and How to Pick the One For You

The SawStop Professional comes with a lot of power and some great features. It is 3HP, making it great for heavy-duty woodworking, although the manufacturer recommends their industrial model if you are planning on having the saw running all day.

There is the option to order it with a 30”, 36”, or 50”, high-quality steel, T-glide fence that ensures smooth operation and precision cuts.

This saw is compatible with 10” blades and 8” dado blades. With a cutting depth of 3 ⅛” 90 degrees, or 2 ¼ “ at 45 degrees, you are sure to get the cuts you need. This SawStop also comes with a cast iron table that measures 20” W x 27” D, with the option for 12” x 27” wings.

In addition, it comes with a mobile base that uses heavy-duty wheels and hydraulic-lift to allow you to easily move your saw around the shop. A few other helpful features include 99% dust collection, making clean up a breeze. It also comes with poly V-ribbed belts, offering even more stabilization and a quieter motor.

SawStop is known for being a leader in creating safer saws for professional and hobbyist use. This saw offers all the power you need with all the safety features you want. It comes equipped with a blade guard, which covers the blade and helps to catch dust and tiny particles. It also comes with a 2mm riving knife, to help prevent buckling and kickback.

Best of all, this saw comes with SawStop’s safety stop. This is a process in which the blade detects when it is touching skin through the use of a tiny electrical charge. If the blade is touched by a person while it is running, it will trigger aluminum brakes to stop the blade immediately.

The blade will stop and drop into the case, preventing any further exposure. All of this happens within 5 milliseconds, minimizing the damage.

The only problem with this system is that some materials cause it to experience a false trigger. For example, wood that has carbon residue on it has the potential to trigger an emergency stop. Thankfully, if you do experience a false stop, it takes less than 90 seconds to reset and the full-stop does not harm the motor.

82% 5 Star Rating 

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars


  • Mobile Base
  • Cast Iron Table
  • Quieter Motor
  • 99% Dust Collection
  • SawStop Safety Stop


  • False Stops
  • Not Meant For All Day Use

This 3HP saw offers many handy features such as a cast iron table that can extend to 29” x 42”, giving you plenty of room to get the job done. This is a good choice for those who work with different types of materials and need easy blade changes because it has a push-button arbor lock.

 The simple arbor lock makes it quick, easy, and safe to swap out your blades. Speaking of swapping out blades, this saw also has a sealed drawer built into the cabinet itself, so you can have your extra blades or tools on hand anytime you need them.

The 50” commercial-grade rip fence helps to ensure that your work is safe and precise, no matter what size materials you are working with. With a full-featured miter gauge as well as a left-tilting blade, you can make perfect mitered cuts without having to worry about your project getting stuck between the blade and rip fence.

This saw comes with cast iron trunnions which help to maintain alignment as well as minimize vibration. This, combined with poly-V belts, help to give you nearly vibration-free cutting and less motor noise.

For safety features, the Xacta Saw offers a lot. The integrated arbor lock, easy release riving knife, and independent safety guard on the table itself, all serve to ensure that you have a safer woodcutting experience.

The only downsides to this saw are that it does take some assembly, which could be challenging for some. Some consumers also mention that the table was difficult to level initially, but overall it is a quality saw that gets the job done.

87% 5 Star Ratings

 Overall 4.9 Stars


  • 50” Commercial Fence 
  • Sealed Drawer for Tools
  • Large Cast Iron Table
  • Quieter Operation
  • Multiple Safety Features


  • Assembly Required
  • Table Difficult to Level

Grizzly offers tough saws with tons of useful features and the G0690 is no exception. With a 27” x 40”, with extensions, precision-ground cast iron table, you will have plenty of room to work. With cut depths of 3 ⅛ “ at 90 degrees and 2 3/16” cuts at 45 degrees, and a 3HP triple-belt motor, you will not have to worry about the size of your project. Whatever the size, this Grizzly will get it done.

The G0690 comes with a heavy-duty T-slot miter gauge and left tilting blade for easy angled cuts as well as safer cutting. It comes with a 30” rip fence that easily locks in place for precision cutting every time. Blade height and angle are easily adjustable with heavy cast hand wheels that lock into place with very little effort.

The magnetic switch makes turning your blade on and off a breeze. Cast iron trunnions help to stabilize the saw as well as decrease sound, for easier woodworking. One extra perk on this saw is that it comes with both a standard blade insert as well as dado insert, handy if you are planning on doing any dado cuts.

One downside to this saw is that the dust collection is not strong. Although it has a 4” output, a lot of sawdust collects in the cabinet as well as around some of the parts, causing some difficulty in removing the riving knife and blade guard. But, if ultra tidiness is not one of your must-haves, then the Grizzly G0690 is still worth checking out. It is a durable and powerful saw that could really add to your shop.

41% 5 Star Rating

Overall 3.5 Stars


  • Precision Ground Cast Iron Table  
  • Cast Iron Trunnions
  • Dado Insert Included
  • T-Slot Miter Gauge


  • Dust Collection Not Great
  • Excess Dust Jams Blade Guard and Riving Knife Release

If you are looking for something a little smaller, but still powerful then Shop Fox’s Hydrbrid Saw may be the one for you. It offers similar specifications to the other saws we mentioned, such as a cast iron table and left-tilting blade, as well as a 30” rip fence. It has a 2HP motor and cast-iron trunnions for power and stability. This saw only requires 120v, which is nice for those who do not already have the 220v wiring required for most other cabinet saws.

This saw takes a standard 10” blade and has cutting depths of 3 ¼“ at 90 degrees and 2 ¼“ at 45 degrees. Blade adjustments are performed with easy to access handwheels which can be locked into place for repeated precision cutting. The easy tilt adjustments make bevels and compound miters a breeze.

The Shop Fox Hybrid also has an enclosed cabinet base with a 4” dust collection spout at the bottom. This helps keep dust away from the motor and makes for easy dust collection. The cabinet also has a built-in mobile base, making it easy for you to move your saw around the shop when you need to.

Safety features on this saw include removable and adjustable riving knife and blade guard. The blade guard is also see-through, so you have a clear line of sight while cutting. There are also anti-kickback pawls that only allow the piece you are working on to move forward. If the piece starts to move backward, the pawls engage to slow or stop the piece before it can cause any damage. The easy on/off switch can be switched off hands-free, in case of an emergency need to stop.

This is a hybrid, so it does not have all the features of traditional cabinet saws. For example, the table extensions are steel instead of cast iron, so it is not as heavy. This means that there is more vibration. It is also less powerful, so it would not be suitable for super busy shops. On the upside, it is much more affordable than a traditional cabinet, coming in at about a third of the cost of some. So if you are looking for the best budget table saw, this would fall under that heading.

56% 5 Star Ratings

Overall 4.2 Stars


  • 120v Compatible 
  • Cast Iron Table
  • Cast Iron Trunnions
  • Anti-Kickback Pawls
  • Hands-Free Shut Off
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Less Powerful than Bigger Saws
  • Steel Table Extensions

Powermatic has been a big name in woodworking tools for almost 90 years, so it is not surprising that they would make our list of the best cabinet table saws, although this one is more like a hybrid. The PM1000 is designed for home woodshop use, so it is easy to adjust and access all the features, all the while being tough enough to stand up to hard work.

One of the biggest features of this saw is that it only requires 115v, so it is more accessible to those who do not want to rewire their shop. It is 1.75 horsepower, so probably not the best choice if you are doing intense hardwood cutting every day, but still great for hobbyists. It requires a 10” blade, which is not included, and is compatible with dado blades. The miter gauge pivots 60 degrees to each side and can be adjusted and locked into place with only two finger locks.

Safety is also a priority for Powermatic. This saw comes with a modular blade guard system that, along with the riving knife, is connected directly to the blade mechanism, keeping you safe while still maintaining cutting accuracy, even during blade adjustments. The PM1000 also requires an easy to use key for operation, helping you to avoid accidental starts and stops.

Speaking of starts and stop, the on/off switch on this saw is hands-free, easy to turn on and off with the bump of a hip, so you can keep your project in place and start or stop the blade when needed. The Accufense rip fence also helps you to keep your project in place, for accurate, safe cutting. There is also a push-button arbor lock to assist with easy blade changes.

With high-quality trunnions and v-belt operation, this is a well-stabilized saw that will offer quieter operation. The dust exhaust is also standard size, so you will not need any adapters to connect your dust receptacle. This may qualify as the best hybrid table saw, simply because it is a little on the pricey side for a hybrid, but it is a quality tool that is worth the extra money.

73% 5 Star Ratings, Overall 4.5 Stars


  • 115v Power
  • Integrated Blade Guard
  • Easy Hands-Free On/Off Switch
  • 50” Accufense
  • Easy Dust Collection


  • Blade Not Included
  • Lower Power May Not Be Good for Busier Shops


How to choose the Best Cabinet Table Saw: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Buying a table saw is a big decision. Not only are they a big investment, but they can also have a huge impact on how well you can accomplish your woodworking tasks. There are thousands of table saws on the market, so working through them can be a challenge. Since this is a big decision that requires a lot of research, we’re going to give you a quick overview of why a cabinet saw may be the best choice for you or why maybe you should go with a hybrid saw instead.

We'll also discuss what you should look for in a quality cabinet table saw. Hopefully, this article will arm you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and purchase the best saw for you.

Why Choose a Cabinet Table Saw

If you already read over our list of top cabinet table saws, you probably already have a good idea of why you may want one, but in case you are still not sure, here are a few things that may help to cement your decision.

Cabinet saws are the best table saws for serious woodworkers and hobbyists. These saws are big, powerful, and extremely durable, meant for years and years of heavy work without breaking down. They are meant for permanent locations, like your garage or woodshop. Because of their size and weight, they are not portable, so if you need a saw to go with you to job sites, you may want to look into a smaller saw.

The major benefits of this type of saw are stability, reliability, safety, and cleanup. Since cabinet saws are so bulky, their weight helps to stabilize your work surface, for easier cutting. The tables are usually made of cast iron and extremely flat, with deviations as little as 0.0005”. Flat tables make for easier and more accurate cutting. Their heavy-duty motors make these saws more reliable, especially when it comes to cutting thicker hardwoods.

Many models offer locking fences, blade shields, and riving knives to keep you and your projects safe from damage. And last, but not least, the cabinet completely encloses the motor, making dust clean up a lot easier. This also dampens the sound of the motor, making these saws easier on your ears.

What About Hybrids?

A hybrid table saw is a good option for anyone who wants most of the benefits of a cabinet saw without the hefty price tag and footprint. Hybrids offer similar stability as well as the benefit of the enclosed motor, making it quieter and easier to clean up after than a contractor saw. The drawbacks of a hybrid are that they are not as powerful or as big as cabinet saws, so there is slightly more vibration and you will not be able to cut woods as heavy as what traditional cabinet saws can handle. They are a good choice for those on a budget or those who simply do not need a huge cabinet saw, so they are worth a look.

Know Your Work

Having the right tool for the right job is crucial, you would not try to cut down a tree with a butter knife nor would you try hanging pictures with a pneumatic roofing nailer. You need to make sure that the tool you are using has the power you need without wasting money on overpowered features you don’t. The same concept can be applied to your table saw.

Are you a DIYer who just needs to make basic cuts or are you doing precision cabinetry? If you know that you will never be fussing with beveled edges or box joints, then there is no sense in investing in the saw with the most features. On the other hand, if you are doing precision woodworking, do not limit yourself. Choose the saw that is capable of accomplishing your most complicated cuts so you do not waste money on a tool that just won’t cut it.

Fit Your Space

Your workspace is important, so you will want to be sure to choose a saw that is not going to overwhelm your space and be difficult to work around. Remember to take into consideration not only the size of the cabinet and table but also the size of the work you will be doing on it. You have to have enough clearance around the table to accommodate your biggest projects, so plan accordingly.

 Also, keep in mind that traditional cabinet saws require a 220-volt circuit for power, so make sure you have the space and the wiring to support this tool.

Safety Features and Accessories

We already mentioned matching your saw to your work, but there are a few other details you will want to look into such as safety features, sturdy materials, blade features, and table additions.

Safety: Safety features are an extremely important element for any power tool, but especially for saws of this size. Look for features like brake sensors, a blade guard, push sticks, and a riving knife. You can never be too careful when it comes to using a table saw.

Sturdy Material: The big draw for cabinet saws is that they are sturdy and durable. Look for a saw with a cast iron table, not aluminum. Also make sure that it has heavy-duty trunnions, these help with blade alignment and stability.

Blade Feature: Different projects require different types of blades. If you know you are going to be switching blades a lot, make sure that the saw you choose offers simple and safe blade changes.

Table Additions: If you are going to be ripping larger pieces of wood you may need table wings to expand your work surface. If you choose a saw that can accommodate wings, be sure that they fit snugly and securely so that they do not compromise your safety or the quality of your work.


Purchasing a table saw is a big decision that you do not want to take lightly. Do as much research as you can so that you can feel confident in your choice. If you are a professional woodworker or a serious hobbyist, then the cabinet saw is the one for you. If you want some of the benefits of a cabinet saw, but do not have the budget for it, then perhaps you should choose a hybrid table saw.

Be sure to consider each of the elements we mentioned here so that you never have to worry about buyer’s regret. Choose the best cabinet table saw for your work and your workspace and be sure that the extra features will meet your needs. Hopefully, we have given you all the information you need to choose a table saw that will work as hard as you do and help you to achieve all your woodworking goals.

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